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Natural and Free Wrinkle Prevention Secret

Updated on May 15, 2011

Free Wrinkle Prevention

When I was a teenager I worked many odd jobs. One job I had was being a mothers helper. I had plenty of experience being the oldest of 5 children. One day the woman I was helping had to visit an older woman in the neighborhood and wanted me to carry a package for her. We packed a few baked items and magazines and went to visit the woman.

The first thing I noticed about this older woman, (in her late 70's) was her skin. Her face looked so clean and bright, but most of all... I didn't notice any wrinkles. So I asked her what she did to keep her skin looking so good?

The woman told me her secret! She said that every night she smoothed out her pillow before she laid her head down to go to sleep. And that was it! No special creams, no peeling, steaming, etc. Think about it... did you ever notice some mornings that your arms and face had some wrinkles all over the place from your bed sheet wrinkles? Especially if you had a rough night and tossed and turned all night. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I've been smoothing out my pillow since I was a teenager. Sometimes I wake during the night, just to make sure my pillow doesn't have any wrinkles that may crease my face. It may seem like a silly habit to some people, but take a look at my 60 year old face... I'm the brunette in the top of the photo.

Eight years ago I suffered from a rare cancer. The Radiation and Chemo took a toll on me, however, I still just kept smoothing out my pillow and only wash my face with a mild soap and splash of water.

Until we meet again... Francesca27

Francesca at 60

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Just a few years after cancer treatments. I'm the brunette at the top.
Just a few years after cancer treatments. I'm the brunette at the top.
Just a few years after cancer treatments. I'm the brunette at the top. | Source


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    • profile image

      ajthesmeagol 6 years ago

      I'm doing this now.

    • profile image

      gidget911 6 years ago

      What a great tip.

    • profile image

      jbhearn95 6 years ago

      Who knew that such a simple thing could show long lasting results! Thanks for letting me know about this.

    • profile image

      dcstepheno 6 years ago

      So you think I should chuck my corduroy pillowcases?

    • profile image

      annamaria123 6 years ago

      Your right! Sometimes it's the little things in life that we should pay more attention to. A simple little thing like smoothing out your pillow. Thanks!

    • WandasHomePlace profile image

      WandasHomePlace 6 years ago

      Very good hub. It does work, my mom and my mother-in-law do the same thing. They are in their 70's and they have no wrinkles.