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Natural and Herbal Remedies for Anxiety - Best Picked Ones Only

Updated on November 12, 2012

A vast majority of population is in fact unknown to the existence of so many natural or herbal remedies for anxiety which costs almost nothing. But unfortunately a lot of people including you and me are taught to believe that the best and the only way to get a one time solution is all about consulting a physician to get a detailed prescription of drugs or medicines. By which the enormous pharmaceutical companies could only make the most out of our pocket. But the entire solution for this thing really lies in the appropriate decision of choosing the natural way to cure by getting the suitable remedy for your anxiety.

Anxiety If Not Treated .......

Looking on to the serious discomforts related to anxiety, we can see a lot of variants such as social anxiety, fear, worry, pessimistic behavior, negative thoughts or even the most sophisticated ones like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic attacks and even more to add to the list. This in turn further leads to other complexities like increase in blood pressure, severe head ache, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and more. And we all are already aware of the seriousness and cost of treatments for such problems.

Mostly what happens is that the we or take a long time to identify the problem and thereby reduce the chances of concluding the uncomfortableness going on with the life as a disorder. Our partner or friends when reach a final verdict that this has to to be consulted to a doctor then only we all realize that anxiety got the better of us and not some usual stress as we all see it at first.

Herbs (and Flowers) as Anti Anxiety Remedies

Natural remedies for anxiety are nothing but mostly the herbal remedies that show excellent and promising results in the first implementation itself. It never has been an accidental way to realize all these things but are revealed as a result of quite a long time of study and research by so many specialists after the most accepted ancient treatment methodologies and experiments. Given below are the top and the best proven remedies so far in terms of natural way of treating anxiety. So pick your tip.

Best Picks

  • Passion Flower: You can refer any books or guides and they will start their list with this element. It’s the real piece of work by the Almighty. Because it’s a sure fire way and an ultimate herbal remedy for anxiety and related disorders. The ability to reduce nervous tremors and lowering blood pressure are the 2 fascinating jobs done by passion flower which made this one enlist as the top pick in herbal anxiety remedies.
  • Kava Tincture or Capsule: It’s widely used since it shows properties of an excellent Anti Anxiety Remedy.
  • Hop: This one is used as a sedative since olden times and though it is bitter to taste but it really is a good remedy for relaxation of mind.
  • Lavender: We all know this one as it has shown so many results proving it can indeed calm the human mind. The fragrance itself provides a great sense of nature.
  • Motherwort: This one also is good in making us relax during panic attacks and hence stabilizes the emotions very well.
  • Valerian Shrub: It is found to be used as an ornamental as well as a cure for stress and anxiety in lot of scenarios.
  • Saint John’s Wort: This one is considered as a kind of sacred flower or herb that is good in treating depression but not serious ones. But still people use it widely for the treatment of mild depression and stress.

General Approach Towards Anxiety and Remedies

If you recollect the general thoughts, there are a few common things too listed as a few more natural ways of treating Anxiety related discomforts and these are easy to put into practice since these require minor changes in life style as well as routines to be frank. This includes practices like deep breathing for sometime everyday which helps to get rid of usually occurring stress or nervous tension. Taking a few times deep breathes through the nose and releasing it through your lips is the perfect way of doing it unlike normal deep breaths you may portray.

Then sunlight is something that helps you in the synthesis of some really needed hormones and chemicals. But people don’t give much attention to simple steps like these anymore and have started to believe in just complex yet unknown strategies but that is just our simple human psychology. Anyway, all that kind of remedies that you are looking for are very much available if researched properly and that’s what you have been provided through this article.

Wishing you a Healthy Life without Anxiety…..  :)


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