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Natural and Herbal Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Updated on March 21, 2012
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In excessive summers, human beings sweat to keep regulating temperature of body. We have to balance that by adding more and more water to our system. Sweating while high anxiety (stress or emotional) is also common and natural. To regulate body temperature, sweating at various body parts is welcomed actually. It is not the same case with people you remain at bay due to their excessive sweating even with minor physical activity or excitement.

Sweating becomes a problem when it is regular and continuous without any apparent heat or sweat inducing situations. One feels the need of water intake very frequently. Also, excessive sweating can damage clothes under arms. People also feel embarrassed due to it apart from feeling uncomfortable as they try to avoid situations of meeting people and shaking hands with them and wearing certain type of clothes.

Well, they can try out some natural and herbal treatment for this.

  • Sage is a well-known herb amongst those who have searched for herbal treatment for their condition of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Sage is known to cure this health issue if its intake is regular and proper. It would not be much of help if taken in encapsulated form from nearby pharmacy. Try to take it in its natural form, with tea and honey. You would learn to enjoy it gradually.
  • Nat Mur, Lupulus, Castoreum and Argentum Nitricum are known to treat excessive sweating efficiently addressing more to the problem of excessive sweating resulting from anxiety, panic, nervousness and stress.
  • Soaking hands/feet in cooled black tea for 5 minutes can also be of some help
  • Home made anti-persiperant (Baking soda + Corn starch + Rubbing alcohol + Fragrance by some essential oil) can be help by applying before going to bed and rinsing off in the morning
  • Green Tea is also known to have medicinal values. For some, it can be a very good treatment of their sweating condition.
  • For some people Apple Cider Vinegar is also effective
  • Low Magnesium content may also be one of the reasons for excessive sweating, so intake of it as supplement to your food can actually help you
  • Charcoal tablet are also known to be effectively curing the condition when taken regularly

As with every natural remedy, not everything may work for you and it may take time to start showing some results varying from few days to certain weeks. Being patient is the key.


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    • maddot profile image

      maddot 5 years ago from Northern NSW, Australia

      This is good information to have. My husband and one of my sisters suffer from excessive sweating so i will be pasing this on to them.