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Natural cancer treatments: Almonds and Lima beans may fight cancer

Updated on May 25, 2017

An interesting approach to cancer prevention was discussed on The Savage Nation, Michael Savage's popular talk-radio program. Lima beans, almonds, and apple seeds all have cyanide as an ingredient which may serve to "kill" cancer cells that have begun to spin off and form tumors in the body.

Regular listeners know that health information discussed on this program is not just baseless radio chat because Michael Savage has an extensive list of degrees in related fields. He holds a B.S. in Biology, a MS in Medical Botany, a MS in Medical Antropology, and a PHD. in Epidemiology and Nutrition Science

Dr. Savage stated that the above theory was part of a system of cancer treatment used extensively in California in the 1960's. A quick survey of related topics on the Internet reveals a potentially significant effect from eating these foods which have small amounts of a cyanide-like substance. There are also mentions of a danger of consuming too much of this potentially deadly ingredient, which is true of many everyday substances.

One thing is certain: when someone is diagnosed with cancer, alternative treatment plans become quite attractive. Many feel that the medical community is not as open as they could be to alternative methods for battling cancer.

Almonds may be a serious tool in the fight against cancer.
Almonds may be a serious tool in the fight against cancer. | Source

Do you consider alternative natural cures to be a serious tool for battling cancer?

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Your mother was right about those Lima Beans!
Your mother was right about those Lima Beans!


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    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Chronister 11 months ago from Florida

      I have never heard of using almonds, apples and lima beans to prevent Cancer, but I do not doubt their usefulness. I know that Tumeric is also a super powerful Cancer fighter, so I am sure that other natural ingredients would be effective as well.