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The benefits of the lemon

Updated on January 15, 2016

The benefits of the lemon

Present in all the kitchens, economic, this citrus fruit rich in vitamin C (52 mg for 100 grams), in minerals and weak in calories (35 calories for 100 grams) is a natural product which possesses several properties and maybe used under all its forms for the facial skincare, the diets and also the health. Discover our craftiness and our receipts!

As a supplement to a diet :

The lemon besides being weak in calorie has the advantage to act as one cuts hunger and to make spend the envy for sugar, what can turn out very useful in period of diet. For that, prepare a big bottle of water to which you will add a pressing lemon juice. Drink regularly during the day. The lemon also acts as detoxifying (it allows to clean the body) and as fat burns. It also has a draining power (stimulate the digestive system, favors the transit and allows to eliminate). Do not hesitate to press a lemon juice on your fishes, your white meats or also your vegetables.

To fight against the acne and the oily skin :

Your skin is subject to the imperfections, know that the lemon has a strong astringent and antibacterial power. Applied with a cotton to oily areas, it allows to eliminate blackheads and other blackheads, to tighten pores and finally to disinfect, to air and to remove little by little your unsightly buttons.

An advice: to apply the evening before going to bed, do not rinse, keep it all night.

Natural anti-wrinkle and soft skin :

Having a strong antioxidant power, the lemon turns out effective and cheap craftiness to fight against wrinkles. Press a lemon juice on a cotton, add some gouts of olive oil and apply it everything to your face. The lemon also allows to ease your skin in particular on the rough zones (elbows, knees, heels). You can rub directly a lemon cut in two on these parts.

Radiant complexion :

To clear up the complexion, have a beautiful skin, drink every morning a lemon juice pressed in a glass of tepid water. Attention, it is necessary to drink it to the rise and especially on an empty stomach! And do not cheat, it is obviously forbidden to add some sugar... This drink will also help you to smell you good and to be on form!

Brilliant hair :

To find the brightness of your hair, you can rinse them with a little lemon juice after your shampoo. For the blondes, by applying of the lemon to your hair before a sun exposure, it will allow you to clear up your hair and to obtain a beautiful natural fair-haired blond.

Beautiful nails, beautiful teeth ! :

At the end of the brushing, rinse yourselves teeth, dip your toothbrush into a lemon juice, brush and rinse again, effect white teeth was guaranteed.

To have very white and hard nails, during your manicurist, cut a lemon in two and dip there directly your fingers during about ten minutes.

Finish the migraines and the headaches :

Apply directly lemons cut in slice on your temples (or otherwise you can also press a lemon juice on compresses) or if you are brave, drink a coffee to which you will have added a pressing lemon juice

To calm throat pains :

Prepare a drink with warm water, with honey and with freshly squeezed lemon juice: it will ease your throat pains. It is also very effective for the made hoarse voices.

And some more the other things :

In bulk, the lemon, this miracle product, also allows to calm the itches of insect bites, to relieve the painful feet, to replace its deodorant,...

Small advice : To benefit from all the benefits of these natural and economic methods, use organic lemons or untreated.


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    • discoveryous profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Not at all thebestdiet. It's really an excellent fruit :-)

    • thebestdiet profile image


      7 years ago

      I never knew lemons were good for so many things! Thanks for the great hub :-)


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