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All Natural Cures for Snoring

Updated on January 13, 2012

Snoring can upset you and your partner’s sleep cycles leaving both of you irritable and tired. Fortunately there are some easy natural cures that can help you manage your snoring.

Snoring is caused by the soft tissue in the back of the throat. This tissue relaxes during sleep and vibrates when the snorer inhales. Most of the natural cures for snoring work by opening up the airways or changing the shape and positioning of the airways.

Snorers can be split into two groups moderate and heavy snorers. A moderate snorer only snores when they are lying on their back and aren’t that loud. A heavy snorer can be heard in the next room.

In this article we will look at a number of ways to manage and reduce snoring. You should experiment with them till you find a natural cure for snoring which works for you.

Lose weight: If you are overweight losing some weight will reduce your snoring. This works because fat in your neck changes the layout of your airway when you sleep, increasing your snoring.

Steam your nose open: Try inhaling steam from a bowl of boiled water, before bed. You can put a towel over your head to help the steam into your nose. Decongesting your nose before bed will help your breathing through the whole night.

If steaming every night is too much trouble you can use a nasal spray. It tries to do the same thing as steam.

Nasal strips: Nasal strips keep your nose open when you sleep. They work very well as they are fairly comfortable and so easy to sleep with. I would however consider them to be more of a temporary solution.

Mouth piece: This looks a bit like a mouth guard. It keeps air flowing through your mouth all night long. Many find them too uncomfortable to sleep with, but it does work for those who get use to it.

Don’t drink and sleep: Drinking before bed will make your snoring worse.

Quit smoking: Smokers are more prone to snoring.

nasal strips are a great temporary cure for snoring
nasal strips are a great temporary cure for snoring

Eucalyptus tea: Make a strong cup of Eucalyptus tea before bed. It is a strong nasal decongestive.

Sedatives: Sleeping pills help some people get to sleep, but they are terrible for your snoring.

Fatty food: Don’t eat fatty food for one hour before bedtime. Also don’t have any dairy products.

Sleep on your side: Light snorers do better if they sleep on their sides. You can try sewing a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas. If you roll onto your back during sleep the tennis ball will irritate you and your body will roll back on it’s side.

Get a smaller pillow: Large pillows change the position of your head and the shape of the air passages. This increases your snoring. You might even try sleeping without a pillow. Snorers should also sleep on a firm and flat mattress.

If all else fails the last natural cure for snoring is ear plugs or separate bedrooms.

Fix your snoring before your boyfriend tapes it and puts it on youtube

natural cure for snoring
natural cure for snoring


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    • bingskee profile image


      9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      thank you for this information. weight gain is truly one of the main reasons. i am really overweight but gained some and that is when i started mild snoring.

    • BirteEdwards profile image


      9 years ago

      I love natural ways to deal with physical issues.

      If all else fails, there is a natural ways known as the Buteyko treatment. I know therapist here in Israel, but look for it on internet

      Good luck all snorers

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 

      9 years ago

      Great article... I am guilty of smoking and I snore a lot. A bit overweight too... I am thinking of taking some steam.


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