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Natural cures of nature

Updated on May 9, 2018

Periwinkle Plant

The Love Vine

It is a tradition that we in the Bahamas call "bush medicine", which was first brought to the country by African slaves. Its use became very important, as doctors were rare on the outer islands of the Bahamas. The phytochemicals in plants are believe to promote longevity and have been used to treat diseases found in human beings effectively. There are approximately 100 plants found in the Bahamas that are used for this purpose. It is too much to mention all of those plants, so I will mention those that are most prominently used in the Bahamas.

  • The Lignum Vitae , the national tree of the Bahamas, is one such plants with medicinal values. The bark of the tree is steeped and is used as a tonic to increase energy and sexual desire.
  • The Cerasee plant has a very unpleasant bitter taste but has many medicinal uses. The vines of this beneficial herb is usually prepared in a tea form by boiling the vines. Many persons with ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and those suffering from malaria use this plant to purify the blood from impurities. The tea made from the cerasee plant can also be used externally on the skin for disorders such as rashes and sores.A bath can also be prepared with this plant for those plagued with conditions such as gout, arthritis and rheumatism. If you are tired of making trips to the pharmacy for the common cold. flu or fever, try growing this plant in your backyard as this is also used to treat those symptoms.
  • Aloe vera plant is also known as the "plant of immortality", produces two substances which are used for medicinal purposes. Namely the substances are gel and latex. Aloe gel is that clear,slippery substances found in the inner portion of the aloe leaf and aloe latex is the yellowish substances found underlying the plant's skin. Aloe gel is commonly taken orally to treat osteoarthritis,stomach ailments,fever,inflammation and itching. the aloe gel is also an effective treatment against diabetes and asthma. This gel can also be used topically as a treatment of various skin conditions such as psoriasis, sunburns, burns related to fire and cold sores. The aloe latex can be consumed orally as well, but it is highly recommended that it be taken at low dosages. According to there are chemicals associated with aloe latex that may cause cancer and that it is also attributed to causing kidney disease or even death.
  • The love vine also commonly called dodder, grows in the Bahamas near coastal areas, sandhills and scrubs. It is also known as devil's gut, air creeper,green thread creeper, moss creeper and a host of other names. This vine is known to be a parasite vine because it attaches itself to other plants, eventually killing it. I know you are thinking, "Why is it called a love vine if it kills?" It is said to help in virility for those who are weak sexually. It is prepared by boiling the mashed vine in water until it thickens and it is drunk as tea. It can also be used in a bath to relieve the skin of itchiness and prickly heat.
  • The periwinkle plant has been used to treat a variety of diseases such as leukemia,Wilms tumor, Kaposi's sarcoma and mycosis fungoides. The use of this plant is also said to increase cerebral blood flow. It is also the belief that the consumption of the plant's juice, destroys white blood cells which is why it is used in the treatment of patients diagnosed with leukemia. Among other things it is also used to treat wasp stings and other bites that may occur from insects.

Although most of these plant might have an unpleasant taste, they are very beneficial to your well-being. The plants mentioned above are just some of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the Bahamas.


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