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Natural remedies for Alzheimer's disease

Updated on July 2, 2013
Eating better to think better
Eating better to think better
Coconut oil might help not only Alzheimer's victims but also stroke sufferers.
Coconut oil might help not only Alzheimer's victims but also stroke sufferers.

Better brain health

There is no cure for Alzheimer's.
I know that this is a very blunt statement but it is simply the truth.

There are remedies which can help Alzheimer's and some of them even have shown to have very promising results. Once again it is very much to the individual and remedies affect everybody difference.
Late on set Alzheimer's i.e. when the person is in her or his late 70's and older is the most difficult case scenario as the decline is more rapid.
It becomes more difficult to put the brakes on the disease the older you get, and that applies not only to Alzheimer's but also to many other conditions.

Alzheimer's is being studied intensively at the moment as cases are expected to increase at a rapid rate in the future.
Perhaps we should start by scientists are expecting cases to increase. Why is Alzheimer's on the rise?

More cases of Alzheimer's on the horizon

A lot of diseases are on the rise not only Alzheimer's, and scientists are busy looking for cures but sometimes I think it is also important to step back and find out why this is happening.
The way we live our lives today is very different. Over half of the global population live in cities and we are sometimes totally disassociated from nature.
It is a scientific fact that most cities are polluted and on a daily basis global city populations inhale a large range of toxins from fumes which are produced by exhaust gases from cars, planes and factories. Our lungs cannot clean out pollutants such as heavy metals and they are stored in our bodies. At a later date these pollutants
can cause physical problems and scientists have proven that they are indeed a risk factor. It is well know asthma is caused, or made worse, by pollutants.
Lead is a neurotoxin and mercury can also cause brain damage.

Food is another important factor. Our food is very highly processed and contains things like parabens which are chemicals used to preserve food.
Many people have now heard of parabens as they are often found in skincare products and household cleaners. The problem is that they also turn up in our
food. Anti fungicide treatments are present in many food especially breads and you will find most supermarket fruits have been treated with anti fungicide treatments
before they turn up in your local supermarket.
Not only are these added products very bad for you but they also affect the nutritional value of food. The nutritional value of our food is less today than it was fifty years ago just because it has been treated and also traveled further to reach us. Let me put in the words of Thomas Edison:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. "

So perhaps if we were to focus on keeping our food healthy we would also keep ourselves healthy.

Natural remedies

A remedy is often thought of as something which helps the body to help itself, and most remedies are presumed to be natural.
I actually think this is a very good description as most remedies actually force us to do, or rethink something, which can help us on some level.

There are a treatments and remedies available for Alzheimer's and some results are very good. Just remember we are all unique and one treatment may not suit all.

Coconut oil - Dr Mary Newport is a strong advocate for coconut oil and I have seen some promising results for Alzheimer's patients and other dementia related
illnesses. When your body digests coconut oil it makes ketone bodies which is a fuel for the brain. Ketone bodies are three chemicals which are produced when essential fatty acids are broken down, and needed in small amounts by the body. The problem is that we do not get enough good essential fatty acids in our diet today.
As ketone bodies help to increase blood flow to the brain they also carry more oxygenated blood and oxygen reduces inflammation. Oxygen is vital brain food and our brain contains essential fatty acids but it needs good nutrition to stay healthy. Lots of research is being done into this acclaimed cure.

How to use coconut oil to remedy Alzheimer's

Coconut oil can upset your stomach so be a bit careful. It is a solid fat so you need to use it in small quantities so the body can absorb it. It is best stored in a warm place so it remains liquid. Some people dislike the taste so it is best taken with a small amount of fruit juice.
The aim is to take three table spoons per day but this can cause a problem so you start with taking one table per day in the first, take two per day the next week and three per day the following week. The treatment is progressive so don't expect immediate result but after three - four weeks you should notice an improvement in memory recall, communication and motor skills.

Fish oil - our old friend fish oil has long been used to improve brain health. The conclusion from most studies using fish oil seem to confirm that fish oil containing EPA and DHA does indeed improve brain health, and findings from recent studies show fish oil supplements do have a positive effect on our brains as we age.Fish oil contains Omega 3.
People with a higher level of Omega 3 oils in their blood always score better on memory tests.
The added benefit of fish oil is that it also helps to control cholesterol, triglycerides and helps our heart.

Vitamin E - this is a natural antioxidant, and is a strong anti-inflammatory treatment. Taking 400 iu per day helps to support a healthy cardiovascular system so more oxygen is transported around the body.

An apple a day - apples contain a compound called quercetin which seems to protect brain cells against oxidative stress which is part of Alzheimer's.
Oxidative stress is when oxygen is not always detoxified as result of an imbalance in the blood. Fresh oxygen is vital to our health.

The herb Rosemary - the herb Rosemary is an excellent brain stimulant, and even the scent of Rosemary stimulates the brain

The vitamin B group - modern food is not so fresh anymore and we get more vitamin B from fresh food than any other source. The vitamin B group is vital to are our over health however especially important to a nervous system and cognitive system. I recommend everybody to take a good quality vitamin B complex supplement to protective their brains.

All dementia and Alzheimer's patients should consider this supplement as it has proven to help with agitation, memory loss, sleeping patterns
and all over health.

Things to avoid for better brain health

If you know someone withAlzheimer's or if you would like to look after your brain better you should avoid the following:

Transfats - there is nothing good to be said about transfats and they are frightening. It has been clinically proven that transfats reduce brain volume and
severely reduce cognitive function. Transfats are found in processed food and even in healthy spreads which claims to be healthy. If you fancy a spread use butter, walnut butter or olive oil.

Artificial sweeteners – let me give you one example. Aspartame, a common artificial sweetener, is an excitotoxin and destroy brain cells.
Excitotoxins can damage brain neurons and this leads to memory loss and more cognitive response. Aspartame is present in many soft drinks, ice cream, frozen yoghurt,cakes, biscuits and almost in all food especially manufactured for diabetics. Some scientists claim there is a link between diabetes and Alzheimer's.
Most diabetics I know use diabetic food products so could Aspartame be the link. Are diabetics digesting excitotoxins in large quantities?

Neurons exposed to excitotoxins

Focus on excitotoxins

Excitotoxins are amino acids which work as neurotransmitters in the brain. As our food contains a lot of these amino acids our brains neurons become over stimulated.
Our neurons give off impulses but when overstimulated they fire too rapidly and become exhausted which is followed by the death of the neuron.
Our brains cannot operate without excitotoxins but modern foods containing for instance Aspartame shift the balance of our brain chemistry and cause problems.
Bad brain chemistry equals unhealthy brain.


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      Healthyannie 4 years ago from Spain

      Do you know anyone with diabetes who use a lot of specialist products for diabetes sufferers? What is their memory like? Do they have sleeping problems?

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