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Triphala- formation, ingredients & Health benefits

Updated on May 24, 2015

Triphala- formation, ingredients & Health benefits

When we make some natural remedies as an integral part of our daily meal it will help us to keep all diseases at bay. Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine which is very effective in curing all the abdominal, hair and many other health related problems. As per the principle of Ayurveda it is extremely important to keep our stomach healthy to remain fit and strong. So Triphala cures diseases of stomach and increases the immunity. The all ingredients of Triphala are the natural remedies and health boosters. It is comprised of three wild fruits called Amla (Indian gooseberry, botanical name- Phyllanthus emblica), Baheda (botanical name-Terminalia bellirica) and Harad (botanical name -Terminalia chebula).

Amla is a fruit very rich in vitamin C. Many products are made of Amla like pickles, james ,juices, murabbas, sauces, jellies, candies etc. while some for the external uses like hair oil and shampoos as well. Amla Powder is used to apply on hair to keep them shiny, smooth, and provides them prompt growth. In order to make Amla powder Take the fresh fruit of Amla , get them boiled for few minutes and crush them and separate the seeds from the fruit . Let the fruit dry for 4 to 5 days. When it is dried under sunlight it turns into dark brown colour. So you can use electric drier to get its original colour intact. It will take lesser time too as compared to the natural drying. After getting it dried properly grind it very fine to make powder.

Baheda is the next fruit to be used to make Triphala. Like Amla Baheda powder is good for hairs too. It can do away with the abdominal problems like constipation and indigestion etc. To make Baheda powder, crush the fresh fruit of Baheda, get the seeds separated from the fruit. Get it dried and grind it fine to make powder. Some people dry it without crushing and separating the seeds to make it powder, as there are different ways for making powder. With this article the pic attached of Baheda shows of after removing seeds. Seed of the Baheda has a very tasty part inside of it which can be obtained by cracking outer surface of the seed. Due to this feature it gets attracted some kind of insect very soon if the fruit lying on ground for some days. So it has to be handled carefully and promptly while making powder of it.

The third and last fruit is Harad. Get it dried directly under sunlight and grind it fine to make the powder. Alone Harad is itself a good remedy for curing cold, influenza, vomiting, etc. particularly, a very good remedy for the infants. No side effects or any negative impact is ever observed on the human body from the consumption of these natural remedies.

Now the three powders of Harad, Baheda, and Amla can be mixed together to form Triphala. You can keep the ratio as per your convenience. However doctrines of Ayurveda suggest when the three ingredients are mixed in equal ratio then it gives the best results. Triphala purifies the blood, gives strength to hairs and burns the extra fats of belly. It’s a good source for weight loss if consumed on daily basis. Needless to say that to obtain the best results, equally important that all three ingredients must come from the organic plants only. Do not mix any preservative to it.

The above benefits are taken from Ayurveda and as per the popular beliefs of the people and their assessments however I am not sure whether they have been approved by some drugs administration. But these remedies are being used by people for hundreds of years and entire humankind has been benefited by their uses for years. The Triphala and its ingredients are available on many e-commerce sites and I am also one of the sellers to sell them. I also have shown image of my one such product herewith.


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