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Ginger and low back/lumbar pain

Updated on August 18, 2009
backpain/lumbar pain
backpain/lumbar pain

Proper body alignment or body mechanics must have been a neglected or forgotten this days due to a fast-paced lifestyle. On lifting heavy objects, we forgot that  we need to spread our feet apart, bend our knees before we lift things. This is mostly the very reasons why there are so many people who are suffering from backpain.

Even with the advanced technology of rehabilitation and theraphy to treat the pain, not all are satisfied with the result. Even after so many sessions of therapy, patients are still in pain, which is only temporarily relieved by a strong pain killers.

It has been known that ginger has an inflammatory effect, so I tried this to my friend who has long been suffering from back pain. I can tell that it was real effective...

First, wash the ginger and pound it just enough so that the juice will easily penetrate to the.  applied area. Before applying it, you add a small amount of mentholated liniment or coconut oil (olive oil will do). Spread and apply it to the affected area and secure it with bandage or gauze and dressing tape.


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