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Natural superfoods you can prepare at home

Updated on December 7, 2010
Nuts, berries, and vegetable juice are all considered to be natural healing foods
Nuts, berries, and vegetable juice are all considered to be natural healing foods

The healing powers of wheatgrass juice

You may have heard the expression “super foods” at some stage. The term is often used (quite loosely, to be fair) in magazines and other advertising media, mostly for diet pills, and other products which really don't deserve to be labelled foods at the best of times. The true original meaning of a superfood is a natural product which contains unusually high levels of nutrients, minerals other important compounds that can benefit your body. True superfoods are things like fresh berries, nuts, and certain fruits and vegetables, foods which cultures all around the world have known about for millennia, and depended upon to heal their illnesses and prevent diseases.

One of the most popular modern super foods to consider is wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice is liquid which has been extracted from young wheat shoots, from the common wheat plant. Wheat kernels (often called berries) are sprouted and grown into plants approximately 4 to 6 inches tall, before being crushed in order to extract their juice.

So what is it that makes this juice so special?

Apart from the fact that we have irrefutable testimonials dating back several decades, indicating that consuming wheatgrass juice can heal many serious diseases, scientific analysis shows that the fresh juice contains traces of over 90 different minerals, numerous essential amino acids, and very high levels of chlorophyll. In practice this means that consuming even a small amount of wheatgrass juice on a regular basis can significantly improve your body's ability to function, providing minerals and nutrients which are otherwise very difficult to get from a modern diet. In addition, the presence of a large quantity of chlorophyll has been found to be incredibly beneficial in the removal of toxins from the body, making wheatgrass juice and excellent natural detox tonic for those  recovering from illness or disease, or recovering from alcoholism or drug abuse.

Wheatgrass juice is commonly sold in small shots (about 30ml) in juice bars and health food stores at premium prices. While this is probably the easiest and most convenient way to obtain the juice, a more cost-effective method is to buy your own wheatgrass juicer and make your own product at home. This is not difficult, and you may even want to try growing your own grass shoots in the kitchen on a sunny window ledge.

If you are trying to seriously improve the diet and your health, then wheatgrass juice may be one of the super foods you should consider adding to your shortlist. Being a totally natural product it is safe for persons of all ages and levels of health, and is an excellent way to kick start a healthier lifestyle.


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