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Natural toothbrushes and remedies for your teeth

Updated on June 16, 2015

Natural toothbrushes and remedies for your teeth

Sometimes teeth lose their intrinsic brightness due to some diseases or lack of regularity in cleaning. They turn into some pale yellow or suffer with some ugly blots, besides they start decaying, sometimes resulting in bad breath problems too. Usual toothpastes are generally not very effective in such cases. You may try a lot of things but they don’t work out in whitening of teeth, neither in stopping the tooth decay nor curing the toothache. Even medicines do not work in retrieving lost glare and getting rid of the diseases, and then there are several natural toothbrushes that can be used to cure all kind of dental problems.

If someone is suffering from bad breathe problems and severe toothache too these prescriptions can be utmost beneficial so as to get rid of such dental diseases. The most amazing benefit of using them are that you don’t get affected by any side effect by using these natural remedies. Eventually they pose no risk of any harm on your body. Ways of making the natural toothbrushes are very simple. Get the raw and fresh 6 to 10 inches thin branch which is suitable for handling and putting in mouth. Chew it from one end so as to get the edge as in shape of brush hairs to make it comfortable to rub on and clean the teeth.

Clean the teeth for 5 to 10 minutes evening or morning before and after taking meals or whatever the time suits you the best. Continuously doing it for some regular days you would feel the difference it will make. You may choose any of the plants as follows: -

Murraya koenigii (L.) (Local name- Kudy-Patta ), Azadirachta indica A. (Local name-Neem ), Adhatoda zeylanica (Local name- Bashingu ) and Zanthoxylum armatum(Local name- Timru) are used to make natural toothbrushes. You can choose any one of them to clean teeth on daily basis. If the plant available in the garden you can make it by preparing a fresh tooth brush on daily basis. If not available with you then you can ask for an order of quite a few for some days. Online selling is available for such items and I also sell them online. While brushing teeth with these natural toothbrushes you need no apply any paste on it.

Besides the above there are other ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean with keeping their natural shining intact. By chewing leaf of fresh or dry mint or peppermint, both are good for cleaning and curing the problems of bad breath. Root paste of plant Delphinium danudatu ( in local it is called Nirbisi in Uttarakhand) are used in curing toothache. By chewing the leaves and fruits of Zanthoxylum armatum (Timru) you can clean your teeth, by regular doing it the natural shining and strength can be retained for long and maintained well. Seeds paste of this plant (Zanthoxylum armatum ) is used to cure the toothache.

In case one does not have access on any of aforementioned natural remedies to cure dental problems there are some other useful home remedies too. If you are suffering from toothache, take one piece of Clove put it over the affected tooth and press it by the opposite side tooth, keep it there till you completely get rid of the pain. Sipping the cinnamon tea also relieves toothache. Fennel seeds and cardamom are also chewed to keep the bad breath away. Chewing of raw and sugarcane gives strength to the teeth and keeps the bad breath at bay. Parents must advise their growing children to chew sugarcane as much as possible.

These all methods are suggested by the local people who have been using and benefiting for years and as described in Ayurveda. I am not aware whether the drugs department has approved them.


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