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Natural Ways to Keep a Clean Colon

Updated on August 27, 2017

Tips for Avoiding a Colonoscopy

There are many people that never want to get the colonoscopy procedure, and there are ways to avoid that procedure. To do this we would begin with changing our mind-set about the things we eat, drink, and our exercise routines. Let's start with the foods we eat; 100% whole grains,and fiber foods will assist with keeping the colon cleansed. People that have a full colon are usually people with a big waistline, and people that rarely have a bowel movement. A person should have a bowel movement at least once every day, or once every two days. But a healthier colon may release bowel movement 2 or more times a day.

Foods that are 100% whole grain are: breads, pastas, oats and cereals. Eating a small bowl of oatmeal daily will assist with keeping the colon cleansed. Oats taste great with added fruit and other tasty ingredients.

A person that has stomach pain may need to change their eating habits; stomach pain usually means that the intestines are too full. Sometimes when a person applies a little pressure to their stomach by touching with their hands, they may be able to tell if they are in need of a colon cleanse, because there will be some pain when the pressure is applied.

Ways to Cleanse Your Body Naturally
Ways to Cleanse Your Body Naturally

Ways to Cleanse Your Body Naturally

Physical exercise plays a huge part in helping to keep your colon cleansed. Exercises such as; sit-ups, waist twists, lift knee to elbow, side bends, and jumping jacks will assist with contracting the stomach muscles. When the stomach muscles are exercised, the stomach can release bowel movement regularly and more often.

Another way to know if your colon is cleansed is when the bowel movement is easy and not painful. The foods that help to keep your body cleansed and healthy are foods that are NOT sugary, salty, greasy, or starchy.

Foods and Drinks that Help with Colon Cleansing

  • 100% Whole grain breads
  • Whole grain cereals (hot or cold) such as oats
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Green smoothie drinks
  • Oat smoothie drinks
  • 8 ounces of water 4-8 times daily
  • 100% Cranberry juice
  • 100% Orange juice
  • 100% Grapefruit juice
  • Carrot juice

There are creative ways to eat vegetables and fruit by making; fruit salads, wheat pastas with veggies, and/or juicing your fruit and vegetables.

Staying healthy with your over-all health will help maintain your regular diet, which includes your mental health as well. The foods to avoid in keeping a cleaner colon are: too much cheese, too much chocolate, eating beef, eating pork, processed foods, sodas, potato chips, and drinking alcoholic beverages frequently.

One way to purge your body from toxins and foods is to go 1-2 days without eating any solid foods. For cleansing you may eat 100% whole wheat, grain, fruit and vegetables, real fruit and veggie drinks, and plenty of water. Fruit and vegetables smoothies are a quicker way to consume proper fiber nutrition.

Toxins in the body are: frequent use of alcoholic beverages, pork, excessive amounts of caffeine, dairy products, chocolates, and medications. Also there's a dietary supplement called N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) which is great for helping to rid the body of toxins, but get a your doctor's approval before taking NAC although it's an over-the-counter supplement.

Sometimes it's a good idea to take colon cleanse capsules, but be sure to ask your doctor before taking them. Colon cleanse capsules are high in fiber, and some require that you take one capsule 1-3 times daily with a full 8 ounce glass of water.

Outdoor physical activities can assist with keeping your waistline small such as: gardening, swimming, walking, tennis, and at-home workouts.

It's always a great idea to listen to your body; it will let you know what make you feel better and what make you not feel better.

Purge -

¹ to get rid of whatever is impure or desirable; cleanse; purify. ² cause purging of the bowels.

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