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Insomnia and Natural Sounds

Updated on May 19, 2011

Relax to A Great Thunderstorm!!!

Nature Sound Therapy As A Sleep Aid

Have you ever gone to sleep listening to a Thunderstorm?? I personally have had episodes of having difficulty going to sleep at night. Rather than developing a dependence on sleep medications, I wanted to develop an alternative. I looked all over the internet and finally found software that actually allows you to develop and record your own nature sounds. I recorded my very first CD and it happened to be a thunderstorm. It sounded good so I got my self a portable CD player and tried the sounds one night. To my surprise, I went to sleep after a few short minutes of the storm sounds. I now go to sleep every night listening to nature sounds.

Nature Sounds are great for massage centers, spas, medical clinics, retail stores, long term care facilities, theater productions, sound effects, outdoor events and picnics, maternal centers, hospitals, and mental health centers. Hypnotherapists also use them for voice over recordings. Atmosphere sounds can be very relaxing and can induce sleep, relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and can be enjoyed for listening pleasure.

Before you resrt to taking medications for sleeping, get yourself a portable CD player and try a nature sounds CD. A really great one to start with is a gentle ocean waves CD. It is known to induce sleep with the rhythmic motion. Another one is to sleep with a great Thunderstorm.


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