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HNYHNY- Navigating Parties & The Holidays

Updated on February 23, 2015

The Party

Dieting through the holidays can be really trying. There are so many parties and dinners to attend and all with great food. It’s never fun being on a diet that restricts you from taking part at any time, but the holidays really seems to emphasize all the "can't haves." Case in point I remember my friend telling me the diet she was on suggested she eat a big meal before she attends a party and then not eat anything at the party. Isn't that why you go to a party, for the food? And to talk to people... about the food. Another dieter told me she brings carrot sticks in her purse and stands as far away from the buffet table as she can. Really is that really a diet trick, because that sounds more like torture.

Food is the center point of most holidays in America. It would be an absolute shame not to be able to celebrate them like everyone else. The good news is that with The Half Cup Diet you can celebrate with the rest of the family and actually eat what ever you want. If you have a party or dinner to attend you can enjoy yourself because you have choices. With The Half Cup Diet you can either plan it out and stick to the program. Just save most of your food groups and servings until party time. You still need to remember to only eat a serving size, which is a half cup, but you can hit the buffet table alongside the rest of the party. Or you can use this day as an eating day, which means you eat what and how much you want and get back on program tomorrow. It's up to you. Isn't it nice to have choices? And when people see you are losing weight and still eating they are going to want to know your secret.

The Holiday Dilemma

Holidays don’t have to be a dilemma. You are with family and friends and the last thing you want to do is not enjoy the day because your diet restricts you. I guess some diets expect your family to rearrange the holiday meal around you. We all know that’s not that’s reality.

Again you choose. You can save your food groups for the holiday meal or you can use the holiday as an eating day. Isn’t nice to have choices? You no longer have to fret about the holidays. You no longer have to feel guilty about going off your diet. Eat, drink and be merry and tomorrow get back on program. It's that easy.

Navigating Buffets

We all have times when we are faced with eating from a buffet. It can be a wedding or a party or just that the rest of the family out voted you for the restaurant choice. Navigating a buffet isn't as frightening as it sounds. You just have to remember a couple of things as you peruse the food choices.

First most buffets serve the food with "big" serving spoons. Recognize this ahead of time and don't over use the spoon. I remember a few months back I went to a restaurant salad bar and I was mindlessly filling my plate. I wasn't thinking as I went through the line and it took my sister pointing it out that I had put way more than a half cup of each item on my plate. Now I could have used this occasion as and eating day, but I knew I could stay on my program and still have dinner. I had saved all day for this dinner. I didn't put the food back, but when I got to the table I only ate a couple of bites of each thing, problem solved.

It's just a matter of knowing how to measure... Most buffets serve with big serving spoons, but that doesn't mean you have to use the entire spoon. When you take your first trip through the buffet only take a quarter of a spoonful of the foods you want. The nice thing about this is if you get something you don’t like you don’t have a big glop of it covering your plate. With salad dressing remember to stick to the three teaspoon limit.

You can go back and get more of the foods you did like. If you want to go all out you can use the buffet as an eating day, but you can also save your servings, stick to your program and still enjoy the buffet.

Break Room Goodies

Many of us work at places where people bring in goodies? This is the only place I can think of that you will have to use some discipline. It would be so easy to dive in and gorge on everything on the table. Try to eat only things you absolutely love. I'm not crazy about shortbread, however I love chocolate chip cookies. So, I'm going to eat one chocolate chip cookie and stay away from the shortbread, no sense adding extra calories I don't like.

If you encounter goodies in the break room stop and think, decide which ones you really, really love and eat only those. If I decide I like it just a little that isn't enough for me to put it in my mouth. There will plenty of occasions where you actually do like the food. That’s what and when you eat.

So, you don't have to be afraid or parties, holidays and buffets anymore. With a little planning and even less discipline you can enjoy all events. Go ahead and eat, but be aware. Don't eat mindlessly. Keep to smaller portion sizes and eat only what you absolutely love!!!



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