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Need motivation? Sign up to race. (Enter races to self-motivate for exercise)

Updated on March 15, 2007

Often I have had people ask me what motivates me to run, and to me it is such a silly questions- because just about everything motivates me and points me in the direction of running- there are so many benefits to running that it can be overwhelming to think of them all, it helps me both physically and mentally, and it is my joy and my passion- however, I am aware that not everyone has such a love of running and often find themselves looking for motivation- and to them I say: SIGN UP FOR A RACE!

Some extra motivation:

  • Running will help you live longer
  • Running will help you sleep better
  • Running improves your sex life
  • Running helps you retain mental ability longer.
  • Running makes your more productive during the day
  • Running improves your self confidence

Signing up will do several things for you:

First, it will force you to evaluate where you are physically already. You would be surprised at what you can accomplish if you just try, attempt running a mile, you will never know if you can do it or not unless you try. It will also force you to evaluate your diet, if you are going to train for a race you need to be putting the right fuel into your body. This first step seems so simple, but most of us don't really evaluate ourselves, and this elevation is the first step to a change into a healthier and better lifestyle.

Second, it will forces you to set up a healthy eating and exercise program for yourself. Once you have evaluated where you are, and you know where you need to go, you can set up a plan to get there. See my HubPages article Your first 5k (training tips). Just the taking the time and effort to set up this plan will help in your motivation to follow through with it and grow into a healthier lifestyle.

And Third, it will force you to workout and get in shape, having a goal (the race) means you need to work to get there- having a set time and date for when you need to be ready is great motivation to get out there and work!

Make sure you register early, don't wait until the day of the race to register or you are more likely to wimp out, enter the very first day registration opens! After you have entered the 5K race, place the race details on your refrigerator or a frequently observed spot. Let people know you are going to run the 5K, they can encourage you, and the through of telling them you didn't do it after making a fuss over it might be motivation enough for some of us (I know it is for me!)

Believe that your running, walking or other exercise program will improve your physical state and your health...and it probably will. Be optimistic about your exercise program and it will be successful. It's up to you to overcome the occasional problem, and to keep moving forward a day at a time for a lifetime of fitness. Running too far, too fast or too often results in injury and the loss of motivation to run. There are minimal boundaries in running. You'll only discover your boundaries by gradually increasing mileage and then increasing your intensity. You have huge possibilities for improvements in fitness and health in the early days and years, and maintenance of health in later years of running.


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