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Negative Calorie Diet

Updated on September 4, 2011

Negative Calorie Food Controversy


The negative calorie foods diet is one that has come under a lot of fire and is considered very controversial. A lot of this is because many people argue that there is no such thing as a negative calorie, and they would be right. There isn't. There can be zero calories (like water) but there can't be "negative calories." The problem is that this argument is a straw man argument because that's not what a negative calorie diet claims. The idea behind this diet is that there are some foods that take more calories to burn, digest, and process, than the food actually has in it, thus causing a negative caloric impact. This is also a controversial claim, and probably not correct, but the most important aspect of any weight loss plan is whether or not it works, and one thing that is undeniable about the zero calorie diet (another phrase for negative calorie diet) is that it works. The other big knock on this diet is that it isn't safe long term, and this comes from people who don't use the diet properly. This is meant to be supplemental, not a complete end all be all list of what you are or are not allowed to eat, and the long and short of it is that any diet emphasizing heavy eating of vegetables and fruit is almost certainly going to be good for you.

Why Does A Negative Calorie Diet Work?


Controversial or not, why does a negative calorie diet and some of its off shoots (like the cabbage soup diet) work? There are several reasons, but here are three of the main ones:

1) All of these foods are extremely high in fiber. Fiber makes it much easier for your body to digest quickly, and use every nutrient while passing the rest straight on through quickly enough that it can't stick around to become fat. High fiber is an important part of any good balanced diet.

2) All of these foods are either fruits or veggies. There is no other type of food on this list and foods from these food groups are commonly the healthiest types of food for you anyway, and almost never have any fat, though there are exceptions (like coconuts, which definitely do NOT make the negative foods list).

3) Most of these foods will contain high water content. This makes sense since no matter how strong a metabolic effect a food has, the more calories it has, the harder it will be to burn them all off. Water has no calories, so fruits and veggies that are particularly high in water will have fewer calories and thus there is less to burn off while digesting.

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Cabbage Soup Diet

Negative Calorie Diet Soup: The Best Way to Enjoy Negative Calories

Many weight loss plans have taken a page from the book of the zero calorie diet. Diets like the cabbage soup diet borrow from the idea of negative calories, and it's the cabbage soup diet in particular that has a lot of people interested in finding a quality negative calorie soup.

While it's impossible to make a soup that is completely negative calorie, it is quite possible to make a hearty soup full of negative calorie foods can keep the belly full while burning off nearly all the calories that you eat. This can be a great way to lose weight while avoiding starving yourself and having to deal with that pesky appetite that will keep cropping up in most low calorie diets.

The way to make a low calorie diet soup is simple: make a basic vegetable broth for the soup, no meat, and add in a wide array of negative calorie and low calorie foods. These can be carrots, celery, mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh green beans, tomatoes, beets, cabbage, and other similar foods.

Spice it up with a lot of fresh garlic, pepper, garlic powder, and other seasonings (but try not to go too heavy on the salts). You can even throw in some cayenne seasoning for a little extra kick if that's your thing. The more different seasonings, flavors, and veggies you have in your negative calorie diet soup, the more likely you are to enjoy it and be able to enjoy the diet soup by extension.

There are several places to find recipes for negative calorie soup. There are books, there's the common negative calorie e-book that is available online, and then there's the cabbage soup diet. The reason you can eat an unlimited amount of the soup in the negative calorie soup diet is that the soup in this diet is a negative calorie soup. While it doesn't physicaly work this way, the calories are low enough that the chances of ever eating enough to gain weight are next to nil. Still if you're not convinced by negative calorie diets, you can always go to a reputable source like to get a proven meal plan tailored to your needs.  This is definitely a better option than cosmetic surgery, even if it is non surgical liposuction.

A Better Option?

If you're like me and a diet with mostly negative calorie foods just seems like way too much roughage and way too little protein, there are other diet options - many of which work much better for men or for dieters who need more solid energy.  High protein diets that encourage protein ketosis are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.  Often times they work, provide great energy, and put the body in a state where it readily burns fat for energy, making it easier to blast through the weight you want to lose most.  If you want to know more, check out this great page on the Medifast diet plan.

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