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Neograft - A Revolution in Hair Restoration

Updated on July 20, 2016
Benefits of Neograft
Benefits of Neograft

What is Neograft?

Neograft hair transplant is the most exciting and advanced technique of harvesting or extracting hair follicles from one area, (the donor site) without stitches or scalpel invasion and does not leave the client with a linear scar. Neograft is the advanced method of Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E) that was manually conducted to harvest hair grafts. Neograft is the most leading and satisfying hair transplantation technique. Neograft is best used on an individuals who come from the lineage of genetic hair loss. Neograft technique if used during FUE, improves accuracy and time consumed during the process. It also produces excellent results.

How is Neograft Performed?

Neograft system uses latest equipments to harvest complete hair follicles from a candidate. Each hair follicle is harvested carefully and one at a time. The hair follicles are then transplanted to the balding areas of the scalp. Neograft provides 97% survival rate of the harvested hair grafts. During Neograft, no micro-needles or razors are used and hence no stitches or scars are left on the donor site. Till the grafts are transplanted to the bald scalp, they remain sealed in a container where they are misted to keep them moist for the operation. Once they are ready, the surgeon uses pneumatic pressure to insert the follicles smoothly to the bald scalp. This method enables the surgeon to harvest over 1500 grafts in a single day.

Who can be the best candidate?

Neograft technique is used on both genders, male and female. Patients with more hair at the donor site can typically get the presumed hair style. With Neograft method, an individual needs to consider;

  • The amount of hair follicles needed to refill the bald scalp area.
  • The desired hair style of the client whether long or short.
  • The length of hair at the back scalp or the donor site of an individual.
  • The health of the candidate, a client should not be on medications.

Apparently it is always advisable to be open and honest with the surgeon about the health history of an individual.

A solution for hair regrowth
A solution for hair regrowth

Results after Neograft

Hair follicles that are harvested and transplanted to the bald scalp contain living tissues that enable the grafts to hold at the recipient site for around two to three weeks before they start falling and shedding off. Shedding-off of the grafts does not mean that the procedure has failed; it is normal and after about three to four months, the hair will grow normally. It will also gain its normal length after a few months of the surgery. The donor zone mostly is covered by the lengthy hair of an individual and within seven days after the graft harvesting, the hair starts growing normally.

The benefits of Neograft

Neograft technique can guarantee that over 97% of the hair grafts survives and leaves the donor site with no scars or stitches. Neograft has a lot of advantages compared to the old traditional methods and techniques of hair harvesting such us strip surgery.

  • The Automated Follicular unit extraction is effective and faster, it is not time-consuming hence eliminating the lengthy process that was initially done like the manual FUE.
  • Neograft uses a latest technique of graft extraction from the scalp, and so it does not affect the surrounding nerves and tissues.
  • Neograft method is pain-free hence eliminating sedation process, and so the patient will be conscious during the entire process.
  • The equipment used in Neograft systems helps in reducing the grafts breakage and damage during the extraction.
  • The transplanted grafts are permanent and are not affected by any future hair loss of the individual.
  • The affected area during the graft extraction process, recovers the hair back within seven days.
  • Neograft system uses an advanced equipment to extract hair grafts from the donor site and does make use of needles. This way it does not leave a linear scar.
  • Neograft is a less invasive procedure and heals real quick and has fewer post-operation restrictions, candidates can even swim or play other games in about three days.
  • With Neograft, an individual has the right to choose the desired hairline styles which can be acquired with the help of an expert surgeon.

Success rate

With the hair transplant industry advancing by leaps and bounds, Neograft technique has been the most successful hair harvesting method. It has resulted to 97% success rate of the operations performed. It was invented about five years ago. The sessions whereby more than a 1000 hair grafts are extracted is known as 'megasession.' For women, FUE is conducted with stealth or a hidden shave at the donor zone and it is covered with existing hair. Neograft systems are also conducted on individuals who have scanty eyelash or eyebrows. It can also be used on men who wish to get thicker facial hair especially beard.
Neograft technique is truly a boon, it only requires the candidate to get the best-experienced surgeon to conduct the procedure and be sure to acquire the desired hair style and hair line. Neograft may not be cheap, but it is definitely affordable.

There are health portals like Clinicspots, that provide a comprehensive list of hair surgeons that provide high quality hair transplant with latest techniques across different locations. It helps patients to compare prices, check patient reviews, get free online consultation & take an informed decision with helpful articles. It's best to consult a good hair surgeon for the appropriate procedure that might suite you.


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