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The use of Neuroenhancers at work

Updated on June 22, 2016


Minnetonka Twin are drugs that are often used by people in order to improve the cognitive abilities, attention and the academic performances. Neuroenhancers are usually unsafe for many people since the drugs used are supposed to be used for other mental and psychological conditions. I believe that neuroenhancers are drugs that are supposed to be used by specific individuals. Ideally, these drugs are famously used in workplaces to improve the productivity of individual workers.

Evaluation of neuron enhancers at work

Neuroenhancers are prescription drugs that should only be taken after the doctors’ prescription; nevertheless, there are trends of prescription drug abuse in various workplaces. Most of the medications used for neuroenhancement are unsafe and abusive on the health of the abusers. Reports indicate that workers as well as students have gone as far as feigning attention disorders in order to obtain the neuroenhancement drugs. The use of such drugs by students set the students at higher risks of drug abuse. Although neuroenhancers can be used for treatment of certain cognitive disorders with the view of improving the cognitive abilities of the patients, individuals need to have prescriptions before they are given the medications. Drugs have lethal effects on the normal systems of individuals and therefore should not be taken by any person who does not have a diagnosed case. In fact, neuroenhancers are some of the dangerous drugs that individuals should avoid. They have extensive effects on the neuron systems and can lead to compulsive addiction. In this case, the use of neuroenhancers in workplaces is very dangerous and should be avoided.


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