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Neuroflexyn Review Wiki

Updated on May 15, 2015

What Is Neuroflexyn?

Neuroflexyn is a nootropic, which is made by a company called Perform Vita in Los Angeles, California. The product is marketed based on its ability to increase your productivity at work, drastically increase your concentration, improve your ability to recall facts from your memory, infuse you with extra energy, and enhance your ability to think creatively.1


According to the label, which is a little difficult to read, Neuroflexyn contains the following Ingredients: Vitamin E (30 IU); Vitamin B6 (10 mg); Folate (400 mcg); Vitamin B12 (30 mcg); Brain Blend (450 mg) which consists of: Bacopin and Pikamilion; Phosphatidylcholine Powder (200 mg); DMAE Bitartrate (125 mg); Eleuthero Extract (100 mg); Omega-3 Complex (6% EPA and 4% DHA) (100 mg); GABA (100 mg); Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (60 mg); Alpha-Lipoic Acid (50 mg); Vinpocetine (5 mg); and Huperzine A (100 mcg).2

Neuroflexyn Reviews (Online Consensus Summary)

The web site claims that Neuroflexyn is the “highest rated productivity pill today”. However, most of the Neuroflexyn reviews appear to be a conglomerate of words which consists of only a word or two, makes no sense, and/or does not even address the positive or negative experiences when taking the product. In addition, Youtube does not appear to add any validity to the product even when evaluating the most “frequently watched” reviews.3

At the time of this review, Neuroflexyn had a 3.4 out of 5 star average on Amazon reviews. On the review website, Highya, Neuroflexyn had a 2.5 star average. One would have to speculate that the product probably does not work as well as the producer claims or else there would be more positive reviews that actually provide quality information.4

Neuroflexyn does state that in many cases with the reviews that it publishes on its own website (positive testimonials), customers were given a complimentary bottle of Neuroflexyn for sharing their experiences. Likewise, even though results vary, they are also not typical.11 So, obviously, one has to wonder just how unbiased these reviews are and how many people actually achieve real results.

Why Some People Believe It’s A Scam

The Neuroflexyn manufacturers state that they have a “track record of thorough scientific study,” when it comes to choosing the best quality ingredients. According to the website, the combination of ingredients works by achieving four steps relating to (1) DMAE, (2) Bacopin, (3) Choline, and (4) GABA.4 After reviewing the scientific references listed at the bottom of the web site, here is what the actual studies reveal about the four ingredients:

Four Step Analysis:

1. DMAE bitartrate increases the levels of oxygen in your blood, which can also increase your motivation and attentiveness. According to the research, some people reported having a better memory (especially short-term), and some stated that they had better mental clarity and improved focus and concentration.5


  • The Research Is Inconclusive. The conclusions from the research state that DMAE may play a role in treating lapse of memory and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The research says that in-depth studies are lacking regarding memory lapses and cognition. The research does admit that DMAE will not work for everybody.

  • The Research Could Not Pinpoint A Normal Dosage. The results for the study were inconsistent and a specific dosage of DMAE could not be recommended. Instructions were given to consult an experienced nutritional practitioner regarding the product selection and dosage.

2. Bacopin increases blood flow to the brain, which can help with your ability to recall information from memory.4 According to the research, Bacopa monniera has been reported to enhance cognition in animals.6


  • The Results Are Uncertain. The research could not positively determine if Bacopin can enhance cognition in humans.7

3. Choline repairs neurotransmitters.
The study indicated that memory was improved by taking a larger dose of choline concurrently.


  • Additional Research Is Needed. Although Phosphatidylcholine power is listed as a main ingredient on the bottle at 200 mg, there is not a lot of research to support the ingredient. In fact, according to the study that was cited on the site, more research will be needed in order to determine if adequate amounts of choline can improve brain function or preserve the brain throughout one’s lifespan.

4. GABA helps to relax you so that you do not feel nervous or tense. According to the research it states that GABA promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and improves immunity.8


The Research Is Questionable. The study says that GABA could work to bring about relaxation and its effects could be seen within one hour of taking it in order to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. The website goes on to say that
taking GABA could improve immunity under conditions that are stressful.

Accordingly, many people believe that Neuroflexyn is a scam because of the following reasons:

1. The web site is very vague regarding the amount of research and the quality of research.

As you can see by the examples given above, there is very little research available to review. In addition, the research that is listed on the website is inconclusive in most cases and at times does not even pertain to the population that is considered to have normal cognitive function.

2. The ingredients have not been proven to be effective.

According to the company website, scientists are calling Neuroflexyn “The Smart Pill”, and the website states that the positive effects will be noticeable within one hour.9 The problem is that the web site is incredibly vague regarding the real quality of the ingredients and does not provide specific amounts for some of the ingredients. In addition, many of the same ingredients which are found in Neuroflexyn can also be found in a typical over the counter multi-vitamin.3

After reviewing the WebMD website, it was determined that ingredients such as Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, and Vitamin E may help improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients; and Ginkgo may “slightly improve” thinking speed, memory, and attention span in healthy adults”. However, the clinical evidence does not prove that Alpha-Lipoic Acid, GABA, Omega 3, Eleuthero, DMAE, Vitamin B6, Folate, or Vitamin B12 can even improve mental function in healthy adults.1


3. The Neuroflexyn affiliate websites have made astounding claims that are simply unbelievable.

Neuroflexyn claims that they originally brokered their supplement on a network (sketchy?), and some of these affiliates decided to fill Google up with fake review sites. Some of these fake review sites are still operational and state some rather interesting things. This one here stated that the Neuroflexyn supplement would actually boost concentration to a whopping 312% and would also increase IQ scores by an astounding 77%. The company even claimed that Neuroflexyn was considered to be “Viagra for the brain.” Although it appears that the company is moving toward a more forthright marketing concept, one has to question why these assertions were even made to begin with.1

Possible Side Effects

According to the Neuroflexyn web site, taking the nootropic is a “fast, safe way to gain a mental edge”.4 However, upon closer inspection of the ingredients, you will discover that not all of the components are safe:

  • DMAE. One of the main ingredients in DMAE has been shown to cause negative side effects such as insomnia, drowsiness, high blood pressure, vivid dreams, and constipation. Another ingredient has been linked to muscle cramps, skin rash, headaches, and a “pins and needles” sensation.3 In addition, research referred to in a scientific magazine on the Neuroflexyn website states that there is much to be learned about the risks associated with DMAE. The website also states that although DMAE may help produce brain chemicals needed to remain mentally sharp; cognitive impairment and drowsiness have been reported in some people. So, monitor the effects of DMAE before operating heavy machinery or driving.5
  • Bacopa monniera. A scientific article sited on the Neuroflexyn website states that Bacopa monniera appears to display a low-level of harmfulness in humans; however, long-term studies in humans regarding if the substance is poison (toxic) have not been conducted.10 So, in a nutshell, it is unknown if this substance can be poisonous to humans or not.

Final Comments

Although Neuroflexyn contains some components that are found in other nootropics, the website does not produce compelling clinical evidence to suggest that the product will be as effective as it is made out to believe. In fact, to the contrary, even the website evidence seems to question the effectiveness of some of the ingredients, especially in regard to those with normal cognitive function. One has to question if anything on the web site is believable; not to mention that some of the ingredients have potential side effects and could be considered toxic and dangerous.



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3 stars for Neuroflexyn


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