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Updated on October 26, 2013


Volume 4, Issue 7, October 16, 2013

The neurological pathways and synapses form during pregnancy and continue throughout our lifetime in its capacity to store our memories and routine behaviors where the neurological extensions in our brain form. During the pregnancy cycle as we discussed in Pregnancy & Preventative Care ( the Oxygen as an alternate medicine series where it was explained that the growth, planning, and nutritional diet is extremely important in preventing disease, malignant neurons, bad cell growth, and malignant molecules. Neurons during the fetal development grow at a rate of 250,000 new cells per second in the ninth month. We also established that “Quantum Physics,” and “Biology” were almost one in the same by way of the definitions of each of these energies. Our way of thinking can also be induced or strongly focused on allowing the energy to manifest by calming the body and concentrating on the logical way to think and act clearly and focused on a specific level as well. This includes and involves meditation of sorts like those we perform in spiritual rituals, seminars, concentrations, and prayer forums.

At present, more and more businesses are building work teams that have stress relief oriented staff who are briefed and practice some form of stress relief concentrations as part of their job specht and responsibilities. In addition, to rehabilitation centers who perform these types of forums and training for their respective consumers for greater control and clarity from drug and alcohol abuse. These types of services involve what is called “Neurogenesis.”

As discussed in previous articles in this series of Neuron-Transmissions the growth of neurons and neurological pathways is by routines performed and they form in the brain, at a rate of repetition, not at all by just growing. The amazing thing about the growth and termination cycle of the neurological pathways is; if you do not use your brain or perform routine behaviors then the brain terminates and then the body functions follow the termination of the brain functions. The reason is that the brain computes, directs, instructs, and establishes the connections with the rest of the body and its organs including the functionality of the blood to get oxygen, nutrients, water, and supplemental vitamins to the body and organs.

It is important that the keep the brain active and lucid throughout our lifetime because it is vitally important to stay alert and functioning throughout our lives and the body follows the actions of the brain keeping our bodies active. This is of special importance to the elderly to keep the development of Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay.

So many new and exciting things are taking place with artificial intelligence (AI) and neurological behaviors being tracked that the engineering industry is rapidly expanding technology to include tracking behaviors with AI and computer programs in its customer and consumer behavioral files or systems to optimize their sales and marketing of products. In addition to the tracking emphasis there are studies taking place at different colleges, universities, and consumer research companies that have emphasis in the use of AI and tracking consumer behaviors to better market products with AI. These studies include a capacity to store information on neurological patterns and routines of consumers to optimize the sale of products. Some of our urges, desires, pleasures, impulses, and random behaviors can be tracked by patterns in our behaviors that are what the studies consist of, analyze, and quantify.

I am going to assume these studies would be more insightful with more women in the study because they have more of the behaviors associated with shopping and buying goods.

The region of the brain where most new cell growth can be established is in the Cerebral cortex and Hippocampus of the brain, and more so with the performance of metabolism function. This is a recent discovery of Princeton Neuroscientists, Elizabeth Gould and Charles Gross in December of 1999 that new cell neurons was possible in growth of new brain cells and not what was previously believed that brain cells just age and die ( ).


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