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Never Escaping Youth.

Updated on October 6, 2009

Never escaping youth


Bullets rip through Khaki-covered flesh
PFC falls silent in the sand
oil is secured for U.S. interest
shaven head...
dim light reflects the sweat
of fear upon her brow
as nine year old Sarah
breathes the gas fumes of Dachau

tiny fetus trembles
body chemistry in dissarray
miscarries future life
into lost dreams
car collides,
six teens at once reduced
to hamburger
their flesh enmeshed in steel
now jaws of life
remove forever young
needle breaks the skin
between old tracks
finding passage
past scarred tissues
overdosed at 18...a deadly fix
panties cut.... a muffled scream
a thrust... as madness spews
it's lustful head retreats
though only just fourteen
he slits her throat
and he gets life
for taking one
trailer like a blowtorch
burning smoke
chokes those asleep
they rise no more
mom and three small
kids reduced to ash
Cut and slash
Death swings it's gleams
with blood let from
all those of tender years
leaving only gaps where
they should have gone on
decades denied...
all possibilities removed
now I sit here grateful
for my several decades
a long and somewhat
peaceful journey??
there were close calls of course
but still I beat the odds
while other souls
never escaped thier youth.


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