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How to Stay Young Looking in Your 40s, Never Lose Your Groove

Updated on December 29, 2016
How to Look Younger in your 40s - Halle Berry
How to Look Younger in your 40s - Halle Berry

How to Look Younger in Your 40s

By age 40 - 49 people began to notice blurred vision, a few gray strands of hair, and a couple of wrinkles. But time is actually on your side when you keep a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. To stay young looking is easy when people are conscious of the things they put in their body and outside their body. Keeping a positive attitude and staying young at heart is a major part of maintaining a youthful appearance in your 40s.

Women are useful into their appearances more often than men are, some women are buying "wrinkle creams" and "hair coloring kits" to help keep a youthful look.

But rather a person is male or female everyone wants to look great while in their 40s. Exercising 1-2 times a day can assist with decreasing wrinkles on the face and body, physical exercise can be 5-30 minutes daily. Men in their 40's may begin to notice a receding hairline and a little more weight around their waistline. But there is nothing to worry about or fear when it comes to aging, as long as it's aging gracefully.

Anyone in their 40's can reverse the few appearances of aging, by being consistent and positive about treating their bodies the right way. Many adults don't like to drink water which is odd, but small things like drinking 5-8 eight ounce glasses of water everyday can help reverse the appearances of aging. This is because water assists with detoxing the body from toxins.

Women in their 40s - Gabriel Union
Women in their 40s - Gabriel Union
Women in their 40's - Mariah Carey
Women in their 40's - Mariah Carey
Kenya Moore - Women in their 40s
Kenya Moore - Women in their 40s
Toni Braxton - Women in their 40's
Toni Braxton - Women in their 40's

Never Lose Your Groove - How to Look Younger in Your 40s

Get your groove back if you lost it, looking good in your 40s will take sacrifices such as, eating healthier and letting go of junk foods. A great idea is to begin doing a simple daily routine and stick with, write down on paper every time that you do physical exercise.

Things to Avoid when Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

  • Sodas
  • White sugar
  • White salt
  • Pork meat
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Angry attitude
  • Worrying
  • Over-eating
  • Constant drama

As mentioned on the list above; replace drinking sodas with drinking 100% real fruit drinks, such as 100% orange juice. Replace white sugar and white salt with honey and Mrs. Dash salts. Also instead of eating pork which is unclean and has toxins, you can eat turkey, chicken, and fish meats which are healthy.

Drinking alcohol frequently can eventually add wrinkles, dark spots around the eyes, not to mention an unhealthy liver, kidneys; and major mood swings. Smoking cigarettes will eventually add wrinkles around a person's mouth, lips, and most importantly smoking can cause lungs and throat damage.

The point is; laugh, live, love life and never lose your groove; get your grove back in your 40s and avoid mean-spirited people. Try to hold on to true friendships that are loving and positive, decrease the anger and worrying in your life and replace it with praying to the Heavenly Father.

Most times feeling younger is a state of the mind, and it depends on young you feel. Women in their 40's just have to be consistent in all things that are good to maintain the youthful look.

Be Blessed.

Stay Looking Young in Your 40s

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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      To be back in my 40s...I guess I didn't realize how young I was when I was there. Thanks for an uplifting hub for those wanting to stay youthful and healthy.


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