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New American Music and Gangstalking

Updated on October 29, 2010

Music and Sexual Coercion


The Devolution of American Music

How many of you think that yesterday's talented artists are now singing total blather? Certainly I do............but what is happening is EVEN WORSE. Compare the work of Jack Johnson on Brushfire Fairytales to the cr5p he is now singing. Example, one of his "newer songs": "BannanaPancakes". Now, whether you are a parent or a young adult still "enjoying life" or perhaps a very impressionable teen..........I'm going to explain what this song is telling YOU to do.

"Don't you know it's rainin', aint no need to go outside............if you were doin' what your SUPPOSED to..........makin' BanannaPancakes" . This is an exhortation for you/your child to succumb to the "pressure" to become a homosexual. It isn't brilliant, it isn't enlightening and what it's telling you to do isn't at all "cool" or useful to you in any way. A "pancake" is a person who has been electronically-harassed until they are ready for "flipping" (gender-preference-conversion). This means that they are ready to let another man have his way with them.

Now, I know this "language", and I am only speaking it now to WARN you where it will get you: used, confused and probably brainwashed. "Rain"=electronic harassment/ gangstalking, "Switched-out": converted into someone who otherwise would not be drawn in any way to being "fay", "gay" or whatever they are calling it now. At the time I heard this song, my life was just plain AWFUL due to this electronic harassment that I WASN'T AWARE OF YET. My ears rang, my intestines constantly peristalsed, my anus kept contracting in a way that made me feel sexually-violated. I was on assignment and living in this motel where sudden "clicks" and "pops" were accompanied by something that made me "jump" (be really startled). All loud noises "jolted" me in a way that led to increasing emotional stress and they came often. These sounds were "driving me nuts". My computer showed faces of people saying "later" and implying that I was not liked or wanted ANYWHERE. I listen to this song.........and suddenly the pictures I saw had smiling faces and it was clear I was headed in the right direction".

This is all very subtle stuff, but when you combine ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT, the "message" isn't only as plain as is "do THIS or else the rest of your life is going to be utterly miserable". Hmmmm, modern-media, electronic harassment, "electronic bullying" through direct pain and stress, noise harassment by "dog people", the exhortation to let another man have his way with you? We all know that things aren't at all right these days..........well, here is one GREAT BIG part of WHY! How many of us have HAD ENOUGH OF THIS? I sure have! WAKE UP AND QUIT PAYING TO HAVE YOUR MIND TURNED INTO A PILE OF QUIVERING, DEBASED, SEXUALLY-COERCED MUSH! Most modern music is nothing more than PROPAGANDA TO DEBASE YOURSELF...........just like everything on your television.


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