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New Balance 925 Walking Shoes

Updated on January 28, 2015

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New Balance is one of the most widely recognized and respected shoe manufacturers amongst runners and walkers alike. Their running and walking shoes represent high quality coupled with great value. The New Balance 925 shoe is no different and has become a staple of walkers who demand support, stability, durability, and comfort from their shoes. The 925s have proven to be a great option for those with foot pain like shin splints or plantar fasciitis.

The New Balance 925 model line includes the MW925B, MW925DB, and MW925WT; which are all men’s shoes in black, brown, and white respectively. On the women’s side the model numbers are WW925B, WW925DB, and WW925WT, in white, dark brown, and black. As you can see by the naming scheme, MW designates a men’s shoe and the WW a women’s shoe. Additionally, all three models of both the men’s and women’s shoes are precisely the same; the last two letters only signify a difference in color and not in design or features.

New Balance Suspension System

The main feature of this shoe is something New Balance calls the New Balance Suspension System which is a collection of cutting edge shoe technologies and distinct materials that are designed to give the shoe wearer better motion control and shock absorption.

At the head of these technological advances is the Abzorb cushioning system, designed for maximum shock absorption. The New Balance 925 features Abzorb SBS cushioning in the heel and regular Abzorb cushioning in the front of the shoe. According to estimates, the Abzorb SBS cushioning in the heel absorbs five to ten percent more shock than the regular Abzorb cushioning. This extra bit of padding in the heel really helps to raise the comfort of the shoe and puts less stress on the lower extremities and back.

New Balance Motion Control Technology

For those who need a little more stability in their walking shoe, the 925 has what New Balance has named, a Graphite Rollbar. While this sounds more like something designed for an automobile, the Graphite Rollbar is a motion control system which increases stability while providing support for medium to severe over-pronators. It’s called so due to a small piece of graphite that is placed on the middle bottom of the shoe. Think of it as a lightweight anchor which helps your foot to be more stable as it hits the pavement.

New Balance has also added the Walking Strike Path Outsole to the 925s which stabilizes the foot through the walking gait cycle. This added piece of motion control technology helps your feet hit the ground properly and will help to decrease the chances of developing or provoking existing foot pain, such as shin splints.

Whether you’re on your feet at work, walking in the country, or at the mall, the New Balance 925 is a great walking shoe for anyone that is concerned with the care of their feet. With its high stability, excellent cushioning, and full grain upper sole, you’d be hard pressed to find a more feature filled, comfortable walking shoe in any price range.

The New Balance 925 walking shoe has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $109.95. However, it seems you can buy the 925s online at a discount for much cheaper. You can even sometimes score free shipping on your order. For more information about New Balance sneakers you can go to the New Balance website.


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    • profile image

      Walking Sneakers 7 years ago

      I did a lot of road running for about 15 years. New Balance were my favorite running shoes. I had a couple pairs that I kept for far too long and they did far too many miles! They held up though.

      Now walking is more my style, I will check these out.