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New Dimensions in Healing

Updated on September 28, 2016

Holistic Healing: Healing Hands

Healer sending healing energy
Healer sending healing energy
Descending Healing Energy
Descending Healing Energy

New Dimensions in Healing

Healing is now vastly accepted in both Eastern and Western societies. Most people nowadays have developed an inclination to use alternative therapies as a treatment, cure, or just in order to care better for themselves! At the same time healers are available to provide their services with both intuitive and therapeutic guidelines. Healers have learned to grasp things by way of their own little intuitive understanding. But right now they are also facing issues related with healing and rebounding healed illness. For this reason they are trying to go deeper into conscious levels to further grasp the real answers of why such things are happening! They know that these questions have to be answered and for that so many healers are trying to get insight for that.

Integrity in Approach

First of all healers have to adopt an integrated approach apart from the usual practice he or she is doing and following! They have to realize the need for an open-minded approach regarding other therapies too, as well as to prepare for change occurring within themselves! This is one major thing to accomplish in order to enhance the integrated approach due to expanding and extending it to global healing practices.

A person, who has learned Reiki or any other natural healing system, is familiar with a few issues related with healing. Mostly users of energy based natural healing system/ therapy/ natural healing method, are aware about rebounding healed illness/sickness after some time, even after 2-3 or 4 years! This is an unavoidable fact related with healing because of human nature and its habit of calling back some old patterns.

This recurrence has different answers, according to the specific individuality of the people concerned with this problem. These recurrences should be considered as a message for the healers to learn more dimensions of the healing. It means to go beyond and expand on the things they are doing and applying. They have to open up their inner sense to new kinds of understandings. Whenever they come across new issues and problems or recurrence of old issues related with healing and its processes, they must practice with the aspiration of being a constant learner, to get through those problems and find a positive outcome!

One can not do this without an integrated approach. It also means to break one's barriers as a healer and to learn horizontal and vertical issues related with healing. To think outside the square. What ever has been learned is good, but add now to that more details.

Any healer can not heal properly if the Healy (the person who has asked for healing) is not ready to cooperate. When a person is being healed, several things come up as a result and mostly the patient does not understand all aspects of the process. But the healer can ask the person to cooperate and just allow the process to take place by saying: ‘I am allowing this process as a part of healing, I have asked for!'. If the person was healed before and was satisfied with healing and it was already over, and after some time the healed disease returned again; then above mentioned intention should be used to help the person to combat the disease and to get the positive result to remove it!

Old Habits

The healer community has to note that so many times old habits are responsible for rebounding a healed sickness/ Illness/ disease. Old habits mean the age old human body patterns, which has a certain set of age old habits. Our body is a mass of cell based tissues set properly in a way that when the consciousness activates it, it will work accordingly. This concept should be well understood by the healer community because without understanding the body and its age old patterns, which are affected by vitality and mental movements also, one cannot go ahead to heal some of the diseases completely related with such old patterns.

Let us discuss this with an example: One person has just been diagnosed with diabetic symptoms, which has the potential of becoming a real disease if not taken care of properly. In medical term we say the person is a borderline case of the disease! Now this disease is known as heredity. The person's parent had diabetes, their parents also had and their grandma had the same! It means that diabetes is likely to occur for this person also! It is going to affect the person, because it is naturally and genetically carried forward as age old body pattern. Is it possible to heal this?

Yes, should be the answer, but it is not easy. It needs deep continuous, conscious effort with a spiritual inclination related with healing. At the same time the healer should alert the concerned person about such procedure. This will help in relation to the patient's cooperation as well as make them aware of the disease and its age old pattern. It will help them to deal with the disease in general! The patient should be told to become positive to get and grasp the healing energy with an intention that will help him/her to express his healing intention properly:

‘Any genetic or parental heredity is going to be healed from the root, right here and now!'

And yet, God's grace will have to work on it! The healer can ask for help from God's grace too:

‘Please help this healing process for the betterment of evolving human life and manifesting your vision here!'

Past Life

There is a possibility of past life influences in a few of the cases where an already healed disease has rebounded. This is related with old patterns and mysticism. It is not always easy to discover this kind of fact and sometimes there is also a rigid attitude coming across from the body. Healers mostly interpret this as; ‘the person is not accepting healing energy' or ‘rejecting the healing processes', this would most probably be the answer!

As a healer I have faced a few examples like that, and in some cases it was indicated to me through symbols or provided words, that this is related with past life! And I grasped such thing lately also. But then I tried to follow through what was understood and applied healing intention or even submitting this to the healing energy to heal; because the healing energy has the means to reach because of its universality. There are rare times when I was indicated, that to heal this type of issues more empowerment is needed, meaning; higher energy is needed to flow from the healer! I asked the question then, what kind of higher energy? But later I understood that the indication had the right perspective suggesting me to go deeper in to the healing, to enter in the realm of healing energy and be open to all possibilities; open to explore it in an invocative way! And yet miles to go ahead!

There is a need to learn how to lead the Healy into the past life regression process. Psycho therapy use hypnosis for such a process, which is guided by a trained hypnotist. Energy Healers have energy to explore that and with patience as well as interpretation of the certain occurrences. Done with intense concentration, it can open up the past life regression process. This may take from half an hour to two hours and needs a deep invocative healing process.

I know that this is a mystic process, but in the community of healers, such means as mysticism is a natural part of healing. Mysticism is thoroughly positive and always ready to help the healer/person who seeks such help!

All healers know that to heal any body and any thing related with disease, one always asks for removal of the ‘root cause'! It means healing the person by removing the root cause/s. This helps the healing energy to get through to the root of the disease and the prospect of complete healing becomes more possible! Besides this, the physical, vital and mental forces are also being addressed during the healing process; so that whatever root cause may be present, this process touches the whole body, vital and mental as well as our aura body!

Let us now examine what we call root cause and what kind of new dimension must be reached in order to remove it.

The Base of Root Cause

We use these two words ‘root cause' in our talks, conversations and teaching as well as for general purpose while considering healing. We mean by these words, that what ever main and basic underlying causes exist, the healing process will remove that. Healing treats it and puts an end to the disease, without a possibility of it re-appearing! This is the specific meaning of the term ‘root cause' and its use. But the root cause IS the real issue, when a disease sometimes recurs with the same intensity! If the healing process has healed the disease from the root cause then why is it back again? Does this mean that the disease was not healed completely, and that the root cause was not removed? These are the questions healers feel in relation to such cases!

That is why our search some how touches the base of the root cause to find out and remove the disease pattern thoroughly and completely. This is not just a word game but a sincere concern of healers!

The first and unavoidable reason would be from the Healy's side: They must have recalled the root cause or invited the disease again by opening the path. This might have occurred unknowingly some time, but mostly this is done knowingly: The person some how can't accept or understand that the disease is really healed and just are inclined to doubts! But human nature has a certain kind of duality that always affects us, and doubts start to rise up things! This somehow becomes harmful and again re-opens the path for an already healed disease to recur...

So we can say that the base of the root cause was activated in the body because of Healy's wrong approach or attitude! So the healer needs to clarify this with the Healy in term of the healing process and its consequences. At the same time the healer can help by including an intention to remove the ‘dualistic issue' while he is healing. This might help the Healy to deal with or to control the duality or doubt issue within him/herself!

Let us understand what the meaning; ‘base of root cause' is: Root cause refers to all of the physical, emotional-vital, and mental levels. Therefore the base of the root cause may likewise have its origin within the physical, emotional-vital or mental levels. According to the fundamental understanding amongst healers, there is no physical root cause of any disease except hereditary, past life karma, and destiny based disease. We can connect it to the physical only by considering genetic programming or predispositions. Other diseases we are inviting by creating emotional and mental blockages, which opens the path of disease!

The emphasis is here on the base of the root cause, not only the root cause: It means the root cause may have been removed, but if the base of that has not been purified and the subtle memory of the functional process comes back, then what will happen? Naturally a re-opening of the disease path will occur and the once healed disease will be rebounding this way!

If we find a toxic plant in our garden and remove its roots by digging, we will remove it! But at the same time we must do the process of detoxifying the area from where we have removed such plant! Likewise we have to follow such a process when removing root causes and their base too! It is a detoxification-like process on the base and then we can hope that now the rebounding of a healed disease will not recur! Here the role of Healy is just as important as healer's role. By cooperating and expressing, the real truth of things will come up for the healer as a result of the healing process! This will help both to remove the root cause and detoxification of the base of the root cause! This is some how an integrated approach!

I remember here one important topic of my course of Reiki Degree-1: Self Responsibility! I used to say, "I am making you responsible for your health!"

Now after getting these new dimensions in healing, I would like to add that ‘I am making you responsible and aware about the totality regarding your health related issues and the healing processes!'

What is this totality? How is it related with health and healing processes?

As individuals we use to say us ‘I'. ‘I am following democracy... ‘I believe in education to combat with all kind of ignorance... ‘I feel that patriotism is not enough, if you do not feel about your nationality... What is this ‘I'? Who is the user of this ‘I'?

Simply, I mean myself, my body, and as above sentences indicating; what ever I am believing, feeling, thinking, all such is ‘I am'! It means our body, our emotions, our thoughts; our heart and mind, all together become ‘I', created my ‘I'! And plus what ever is supporting all these is also connected with totality. I become ‘I' with all such together!

‘I', also indicates Ego of the self as well as Identity of the self. This is related with the healer's ego less healing, which has a far greater impact. In order to gradually achieve more ego-less element within oneself, the healer has to follow self healing with precisely such an intention; to lesson the ego! It means that who is performing the healing, is the healing energy itself, not the person, I am just a channel through which the healing energy reaches to the patient! This is also one new dimension provided by present situation of the over all healing!

I am not interested in creating philosophical jargons here: I just want to clarify what is totality, integrity and oneness in the self, and how it is set to decrease our so called ‘I' for the benefit of our own self and our healing process!

I want here to put a concept which will create a blast that as individuals, all of us lack complete inner unity, and this is the main root cause of our diseases, imbalances and sickness! We are divided as individuals and divided in our own self also! This kind of double duality affects us by creating different kind of imbalances, prejudices, differences and so on!

Can we overcome these double dualities?

Yes, but do we have positive determination to deal with and heal the things related with it? Because there would be things, which we would like to perform by default. I have come across such thing and need to be determined with that!

We have to note that we are not only body, we have vital force, and mind included with intelligence as well as subtle body- the blue print of our physical body, and the psychic being which is supporting our earthen existence objectively!

Now it is time to think about the role of vital force as functional factor of our body and how it is playing a part to create root cause!

The role of Vital Force (Pran-Shakti)

Humans have vital force. It provides us movements regarding our basic instinct. We know these things are related with animals also. But human beings are more exposed to vital force and so emotions, sensitivity, desires and desire-based motivations etc. are the aspects of human beings which distinguish us from the animals. The vital force becomes more active in humans at the emotional level and it touches the heart element.

Indian Yoga and spiritual practices have various methods to deal with this vital force to utilize it in life for good health and spiritual growth. This vital force is controlled by breathing techniques. And so Indian Yoga has the ‘Pranayam' as one major component. It means to control the vital force through breathing. It also helps to balance the emotional being with reality and spirituality. When healing energy starts its work, the first positive symptom a healer notices is the deep abdominal breathing. When ever healing energy works on the patient, I have noticed that first of all, the person starts to breathe deeply (means abdominal breathing) and feels relaxation. This is not my assumptions, but people have expressed such things to me! This indicates that the healing process really deals with the patient's imbalances and treats the ailments. It mostly heals the base of the disease this way and then goes within to work on root cause/s.

The role of vital force is important for the patient being healed, because of the balancing process of emotions and sensitivity that are responsible for generating the diseases by weakening the natural protective shield! The vital force has a habit of regenerating the disease if a chance is being provided by the occurrence of unconscious emotional imbalances. Becoming aware of emotions and their activities within will help the patient in sustaining healing and recovery. But our behavior patterns are mechanical and led by nature, so to deal with those occurrences need continuous awareness. Here the healer has to use an advanced intention process while healing such patients by saying,

‘The healing energy is making the patient aware about not inviting back again the healed imbalances of the emotions through unconscious behavior pattern!'

The Force of Mind (Manah Shakti)

People will have now questioned that, ‘mind is also part of our behavior!'

Yes, that is true and here we are going to discuss about this mind force. Actually after the mind's evolution we came into existence as human being! It is interesting that the vital force evolved from matter and the mind evolved from the vital force! It means the evolutionary process has the key of gradual betterment of life and progress through evolving the life supportive things!

Our main problem as human beings is that we understand things by dissecting reality. Mainly our intelligence always uses an analytical approach in order to understand things. And to analyze one has to divide and dissect! This is one process the mind has followed since ages and it has given so many good results also. We hardly use the grasping power as a knowledge gaining tool because of the doubts our mind has! Here we can see that, what is providing us with mental capacity, is also limiting us by various conflicting aspects of the mind; like, doubts, dilemmas and so on! As a process it is a necessity because immature mind power can lead humans in different areas of whims and improper mental hierarchy!

It is also said amongst healers, that 99.99% of diseases are psychosomatic: It means that the root cause must have mental intervention. It is possible also when any one eats or smokes tobacco for the first time, that the body rejects it. But after trying it out several times and just using mind power to suppress the rejection we create a habit of using tobacco. When an addicted person does not get the tobacco, they will feel bad and some times rush out to buy it. We have seen smokers' eagerness to smoke too! This is not physical but imposed on the physical level by mind power!

The active minds of human beings are leading us to suppress the physical and emotional levels by its dominance of power and vulnerability!

Our individual mind is adjoined with universal mind. Healing is a science of possibilities, related with in depth truthfulness of the healer and Healy as well as the response of the healing energy in relation to the openness of the concerns connected! It is known that healing energy opens the blocks and tries to reach to the root cause. This is a fact that so many patients and healers have experienced. Yet sometimes the rebounding of a healed disease is an issue in the field healing and it should be dissolved as early as possible with the help of experienced healers or whoever is connected with this kind of process!

Psychic Being and Healing

We are entering in the area of a new term regarding healing. This term is well-known in Yoga. Particularly Sri Aurobindo and The Mother has explored this term very clearly and meaningfully to guide spiritual practitioners. This indicates our real inner being, which is deeply set in our heart cage. This psychic being (in Sanskrit and Indian languages it is known as Antaratma) has taken part in individual evolutionary process through birth after birth and passing through variety of births, learning God's Secret Meaning of the life.

As a healer one knows that healing energy is first entering in the healer and then goes out from the healers' hands to heal the concerned person/s. It is indicating two things at a time. First thing is that any energy healing done by any person proceeds by entering in the person and then flowing from the person's hands for the purpose! Second thing is that it is entering in the self and as we experience the process, it is naturally entering into the heart chakra and from there flowing out from the hands.

This process the healers are following, mostly mechanically, after long practice. Few of them are aware of why it is entering in the self and at the heart chakra and then flowing out side. Our heart chakra is a center of our vital force and vital force is the factor which activates every life form. As a prominent evolutionary form, we humans are provided with multi levels of vital force to explore life and its various activities as well as variations of the vital force, which is really inherent within certain spiritual possibilities to open up!

Let us go through the process details thoroughly: When a healer starts healing, the healing energy descends from above and enters in the healer through crown chakra set above the head. After entering, this healing energy passes through the connection code (it is known in yoga language as Sushumana Nadi, in English we can call it center code of aura body or central channel), and crossing each chakras one by one, it rises up and enters in the heart chakra, fills it and then flows through hands for healing. Here one important process is happening in healer's body: The energy cleans and heals all chakras and throws away all the waste when comes out as a healing flow from the hands! All lower chakras, which represent basic instinct and the animal element as an inherent part of human evolution are cleaned and healed two times. Firstly when the energy goes down to the Root Chakra and when it comes up to the Heart Chakra! After entering in to heart chakra the healing energy fills it. Secondly, here also cleansing and healing is activated as well as waste is separated and submitted for purification to the energy source when it comes out as a flow from the hands! So the healer's waste never goes to the Healy and this way the entire healing process becomes safe.

The main role of heart chakra is due to of its central position in the body and its focal point midway between the three lower chakras and the three upper chakras. Vibrations are exchanged through this central point. Therefore the heart chakra is a place where the upper chakras' positive vibrations affect the lower chakras instinctive and mechanical vibrations to promote and to uplift for spiritual purpose! That is why the heart Chakra is the ideal place, from where the healing energy flows with very effective manner! At the same time the heart Chakra is also benefited because it's negative content, like duality as well as envy, anger, and negative emotions too are being flushed out! This way the heart chakra gains positive spiritual opening with possibility to go ahead for such inspirational growth!

Now let us come to most amazing point regarding heart chakra: The deep cage of heart Chakra is the seat of our Psychic Being. When ever the healer is active, this chakra becomes more active; all the processes of cleansing, energizing and balancing start simultaneously. This helps to purify the chakra more and more. The more this chakra is purified, the more an opening of the cage hiding the Psychic Being is activated and becomes possible. Though neutral and full of objectivity our Psychic being counts the purification process and activates its own spiritual activity which helps the person in their process of healing, spiritual inclination and deep understanding of healing and spiritual growth!

If any healer is able to achieve this occurrence then it helps to heal rigid and highly blocked diseases. At the same time the possibility of rebounding of healed disease will have no chance to occur again!

It is said that Destiny and Death are the two major things related with life forms that are not changeable! Our knowledge and understanding of life through various wise persons, yogis, and saints have taught us that these two things are not in human's hands! They can overcome the effects and occurring reactions by achieving a state of yogic existence that enable them to provide a new dimension regarding destiny and so that grace could work on it, which will have very positive result! Healing can do this to healers and even healed persons too, if they achieve the state of yogic existence through healing! This is really a new dimension provided to us to combat the disease and sickness elements on this earth before the evolutionary and supra mental transformation happens as a reality!

Healers must have understood now that which way they are processing healing is via descend of the healing energy. It means descending energy is healing the disease and providing refreshment, peace and relaxation to the body, heart and mind! At the same time which way our human body and its system is responding to the healing energy is also a phenomenal process occurring in this field to provide a realization that if there is energy descending then there is a positive response from the body also for ascension. This is a unique thing to follow because it would be evolutionary part of supra mental transformation!

I would like to summarize the main points of this article here as over all findings grasped through healing process:

1. Healers and Healy should both have to adopt an integrated approach in healing process for the benefit of healing and dealing thoroughly with the disease.

2. The community of Healers has to accept the age old habit pattern connected with the human body as a result of evolutionary heredity process in order to heal the disease.

3. When ever there is an occurrence of rebounding healed diseases, then check out for past life influences also. If findings show such fact then past life regression process could be applied for the healing with patience and long term sessions.

4. While past life regression follows then the healer should adopt the invocative healing process. It means submitting one's self totally to the healing energy with asking for the regression process as healing.

5. The healer must consider root cause while healing, but at the same time the base of the root cause (physical, Emotional, mental) should be included regarding purification to complete the healing. So that the rebounding of a healed disease cannot recur.

6. The vital force should be treated as a base of root cause, whenever found, with an awareness that any emotional imbalance and unconscious behavior pattern should not be allowed to occur and provide a chance of an already healed disease to rebound!

7. Mind is leading human beings in a way that is not always conducive for gaining good health and spiritual growth because of its various unstable and whim based activities. So treat the Healy with intention to guide the mind for achieving maximum healing benefit with peace and relaxation.

8. The goal for a healer should be to grasp the Psychic being's guidance with healing energy in order to go further into the deep realm of healing the processes.



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