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New EU Drug Strategy

Updated on April 25, 2013

Strategy from 2012-2020

New EU Drug Strategy 2012-2020 is certainly one of the main and fundamental documents that is affecting directly lives of millions and indirectly, twice as many.

- My Citizen Association had an exclusive view in a draft-paper of this document. What came most interesting that EU Drug Strategy supports H.A.T (Heroin Assisted Treatment)trials as well as ongoing treatment.

  • New trends

- New trends, are showing that "polytoxicomany" is in huge increase. For those who don't know what "polytoxicomany" means; polytoxicomany is a type of multiple psychoactive substance addiction causing multiple withdrawal symptoms by stop taking them.

Additionally, the economic crisis that hit whole World has been taken into consideration, not excluding the EU: 4 EU members have been declared economic crisis. *Serbia doesn't have to declare anything, Serbia is always in economic crisis. (SUZA)

EMCDDA - Monitoring body at the EU for monitoring the implemented strategies, national plans, action plans, as well as for gathering relevant data about them. By statistic of this regulative body, which his high-trained specialists sends in various countries of EU, ECC, and candidate countries as well as in to potential candidates of EU to make the resume of various data about various indicators such as: number of those who are HIV infected, number of newly infected with HIV virus, number of people who live with Hepatitis B and C, number of IDU (Intravenous Drug Users), number of drug users, treatment repsponses, implementation of programs for Harm Reduction, and other. Newest data, related to Serbia, are dated from 2010th. That same year, patients in Serbia were tricked by the side of current Health Minister (Slavice Đukić-Dejanović) who promised that buprenorphine will be applied instead and with methadone in the O.R.T (Opiate Replacement Treatment) at the some number of addicts. Reality was totally different. On the official site of EMCDDA, statistics for Serbia, there is a sentence that says: "Buprenorphine was introduced in March 2010..." , and that has still not happened! What only happened is a small quantity of this medicine as a donation of F.Y.R Macedonia; which has been used for detox-only proposes; while those with "deeper pocket" could buy a pack of this medicine for one average Serbian salary: 250-300 EUR.

- So the answer for all those who are wondering around Serbia: "Is there regular on-going buprenorphine treatment maintenance in Serbia?" the answer is a bit harsh but the answer is true: NO.


1. As the current Strategy of EU for Drugs is on finish, the HDG group (Horizontal Drugs Group) have prepairt the future strategy - overvieweing and analyzing paper of discussion from Danish Presidency, results of independent evaluation of last strategy on drugs (2005-2012) and its akcion plans as well as propositions of EU Forum of Civil Society.

2. Taking into consideration all upper-mentioned contributions, HDG group has prepaired the draft of conclusions from the Council about the new strategy on drugs (EUDS)- EU Drug Strategy; which have been adopted by the Council on day 7-8 Jun (doc. 10231/1/12 REV 1 COREDROGUE 37 SAN 121 ENFOPOL 145 RELEX 455). This conclusions are based on principals on which new Drug Strategy has been founded on (EU Drug Strategy) and accepting all challenges aiming those which this strategy is most applied to. (16693/12 JV/sl 2 DG D 2C E)

3. Cyprus Presidency has prepaired the suggestion for new EU Drug Strategy - which has been topic of debate of HDG Group, on their meetings in the period 3. July, 3. September, 3. October, 7. November 2012. with ending of debate on 21st of November of 2012.

4. From COREPER was required to call the Council to adopted the draft of New Drug Strategy, as it was upper-mentioned.

5. Meanwhile, European Council will be called to adopt this draft.

Opiate Replacement Treatment

Do You approve the usage of Opiate Replacement Therapy in treatment of opiate addicts, and do you think it helps?

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