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New Quinoa easy weight loss diet

Updated on May 5, 2011

Quinoa high protein easy weight loss diet plan

This is the one lose weight vegetarian high protein diet plan that will transform your body shape to make you appealing and desirable. One of the important weight loss tips is about planning your diet and quinoa nutritional diet may be the right choice for you.

Do you know about the benefits of this new secret easy weight loss diet that was used by the ancient Inca people of South America?

Do you want to know the benefits of quinoa high protein diet plan?

Do you want to know quinoa nutritional information|nutrition value facts?

There are countless number of ineffective easy weight loss diet plans out there you probably must have tried and failed. This one is very effective because this diet plan is based on the tasty miracle grain called quinoa cereal used by the ancient Inca warriors.This one is very special because quinoa was unknown to the world till now.Only a small population of people in the Andes mountains of south America were using it as food and benefiting from it. Quinoa is also much sought after by weight lifters,body builders and other sports people as it is rich in protein.

Now weight loss is all about eating the right diet in addition to workouts.This new miracle diet will burn away your ugly fat in your body the healthy way.So if you are serious about weight loss you must try this easy ‘lose weight vegetarian diet’ plan.

Quinoa is a plant unique to Andes mountains of south America.It is closely related to spinach family of plants.It’s seeds are rich in protein and has high nutrition value and so most suitable for easy weight loss diet plans.Even quinoa leaves are consumed as leaf vegetable in small quantities.These leaves have a mild plant toxins and so consumption in large quantities is not advisable.

Quinoa seeds are coated with bitter tasting chemical compound called soponin that should be removed by thoroughly washing in water preferably twice.After washing, taste a seed to see if the bitter taste still remains.If so wash it till the bitter taste vanishes.Quinoa seeds can be cooked like rice and eaten.Quinoa seeds when cooked are easily digested and gluten free.

There are more than 100 varieties of quinoa plant but only three main varieties are important enough to mention here.They are white quinoa,black quinoa and red quinoa depending on the color the seed.

Quinoa seeds are rich in protein(12-18%) suitable for vegetarians and has high quantities of all essential amino acids,dietary fiber and other important minerals.Every uncooked quinoa seed contains the following nutrition values per 100g.


2.Dietary fiber---8g







9.VitaminB1----0.36 mg





14.Total energy---370 kcal

Quinoa can be cooked easily and there are many varieties of dishes you can make out of it such as cold salads,breakfast cereals,pasta and even desserts.Quinoa seeds can also be sprouted and eaten raw in which case the nutritional value increases.After cooking quinoa seeds become fluffy and have a nutty flavor.

Quinoa diet apart from being tasty,has many health benefits.This highly nutritious food helps fight heart diseases and migraine and obesity.



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      vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Quinoa is a super-food