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New Year Black Men

Updated on January 5, 2014

Learn the elements necessary to achieve the life you want.

Happy New Year

African American men I request you implement the following for the basis of a new life and living life more abundantly to achieve peace, purpose, and embark on the road to success. Commit to getting a W. You want to win in life so here is the year to stop making excuses and take ownership of your life and prepare to be successful. You can do it. No excuses, just success.

  1. Find a higher power to follow. I'm not saying to stay in church, it wouldn't hurt, but really seek knowledge and direction from a higher being/power. There are rules and directives in doing this that will keep you from harm, danger, drama, heartache and failure. Spend time every morning starting your day by asking to be a better person, be successful on your job, and desire to be a better person.

  2. Get education and training spending as little money (incurring little debt) as you possibly can while obtaining the knowledge you need. Pick up books on the subjects that interest you and began to absorb information. For those of you who lack resources: use the library or buy books from Goodwill. If you want to gain knowledge contact and ask to speak briefly to the person in the field you desire. Trust me everyone likes to feel important. While that person is feeling important you just gained a resources possibly and you are gaining knowledge about your field of interest.

  3. Turn off the television. Limit your television time and ensure that when you do watch television make sure it's not foolishness. If you absorb foolishness in your mind you will began to subconsciously seek this in your life and it will become your norm. Start off by not watching television before 8pm. Trust me, you will be surprised what you can accomplish.

  4. Spend quality time with your children. Go for a walk, go to the park, or engage in activities that require you to talk to your children and shape their development positively.

  5. Help someone else. If you are intelligent, knowledgeable about your history, and filled with purpose: find time to help someone else's child. There are many volunteer programs in need of assistance from those who care about children and their development.

  6. Issues. There are so many of you suffering from hurt, racism, poor family structure, frustration from job hunting, affected/effected by drugs within your family, victim's of bad parenting, addicted to negative behavior etc. It's time to talk to a therapist. In the African American community we negatively label getting help. If you have health insurance you can check with your provider about coverages. If you are financially challenged or without employment there are often sliding scale assistance that can be negotiated. Sweeping these issues under the rug and decided instead of indulge in risky sexual behavior/conquests, drugs, alcohol, or negative emotional activities will not make the pain go away. If you want a better life you need to address these issues. You can have a abundant and joyous life. I love The Brothers because it starts out with him in therapy attempting to address his issues:

  7. Make amends to those you have hurt and do better by others. Admitting fault will free you from guilt and help the person you wronged to put things behind them and move forward. This will make you a better man. Courageous is a film every man should see. There was a part in the movie that mentioned the statistics of the results of fathers not presented in their son's life. There was also a touching moment when a man can clean, admitted he made a mistake, apologized, and began taking steps to help with his responsibilities. It's never too late, till the day you close your eyes, to correct a wrong.

  8. Read. Reading increases your knowledge, vocabulary, and it exercises your mind. Start by reading about something that interests you and spend a half hour once to twice a week reading. You will be surprised how your mind will began to work at an optimal level. Manology is a great book to read that will benefit you. If you don't want to buy the hardcopy then do kindle/ebook. This book has wisdom and thoughts from two different generations that benefit both men and women.

  9. Find a mantor. The urban dictionary defines this term as: a man to whom you as a man aspire towards. We are not discussing the player, pimp, mentor but someone who has achieved success. A man who knows and has achieved what is important in life. You will know this man by the peace and happiness in his life.

  10. Believe in yourself. The devine creator gave you a gift and a purpose. Take responsibility for your mistakes and make better choices in the future. This life is a journey but I believe in your excellence.

  11. Keep your dreams to yourself and eliminate people in your life who are dream killers. If every time you mention something your friend can tell you 100 reasons why it will fail and why you might as well not try doing anything then eliminate them from your life. If you try and fail then try again. Nothing beats a fail but a try. Never stop trying. Eliminate negative people from your life.

Implement this in your life and I promise you this will be a better year for you. If you implement these practices over time please share positive effects. You can do anything you want.


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