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5 Hacks to Achieving a Fitter and Healthier Version of You

Updated on May 9, 2017

Achieve a healthier and fitter version of you

Be physically active.
Be physically active. | Source

Health is wealth and if you think about this, you will soon realize that all the wealth in the world will do you nothing once your health has already been compromised. This is the reason all the more to make a conscious effort to make health and fitness your top priority.

Being fit means more than just aiming for the ideal and healthy weight. One must realize that a fit lifestyle means the commitment to follow a sensible and healthy diet and regular physical activity. With this in mind, here are tips to help you upgrade and achieve a fitter and healthier version of you!

1. Be realistic with your fitness goal

Instead of aiming for a supermodel's waif thin body, try to work within the limits of the body that you have. Some people tend to look bulky while some look slim but all these are determined by on each person's bone and muscle composition. It also means that some people will never look like Kate Moss by simple dieting and workout alone.

With this in mind, you must be able to have an attainable fitness goal, a target weight and body based on your own body type. Some people do not understand this and so they shoot for the stars just to achieve their supposed 'ideal' body type by going for extreme fitness and dieting measures to achieve it. This is no way to attain a sustainable and lifelong healthier version of your.

Being realistic will not only make your fitness regimen easier but it will also be good for your health in the long run. Realistic expectations and goals will make you stick to your newer lifestyle better and will produce more positive results.

2. Write and break down your fitness goal into small and achievable steps

Rather than making general an unspecific goal like "I resolve to lose weight" try to break this goal down into specific action steps. For instance, if you want to lose weight, make sure to write down the simple steps you can do to achieve this. Write down the time you will spend for your fitness project, either per day or per week. A commitment to do a regular physical exercise of 30 minutes per day for three to four times per week would be a good start.

Then, make sure to have room for failures and setbacks or more of a plan B when your plan A fails. For instance, think of a situation when you cannot do your fitness activity for a week due to a busy schedule, would this be enough for you to give up? Of course not. Makeup to it by either working harder or longer the following week to make up for your previous slow or no-activity week.

3. Create a mental picture of a fitter version of you

The brain is one powerful organ hence the use of mental imagery always works to motivate yourself. Create mental images of a fitter you and make it a habit to refer to that image on a daily basis. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of daydreaming.

Upon waking up in the morning or while readying yourself for the day, go back to that mental image of a fitter you. Just make sure that you have realistic image of yourself and not just superimposed self of a celebrity that you admire.

You may also create a before and after image. It will also help to create an image of the current you surrounded by the lifestyle and food choices that you think is making it hard to achieve that ideal body. Compare this with the image of the future and fitter version of you surrounded by activities and healthier food choices.

The mind can do wonders so make use of it. Keep your fitness on track by using this creative imagery.

4. Make it a point to be physically active on a daily basis

Be it walking or using the stairs, make it a habit to incorporate physical activity in your daily life. In this manner, you will be using up your body's fuel without much conscious effort on your part. For instance, instead of parking nearest to the exit of the building why not park on the other end so you can walk the distance and burn a few calories in the process without much effort. If your office is only a few flights of stairs, how about using the stairs instead of the elevator alternately on certain days of the workweek.

If you need to go somewhere for groceries or simply to run errands a few blocks away from where your live, why not try walking instead of bringing a car or hailing a cab. You will not only save money but will burn calories as well. It may take some effort at first but when you do things regularly, it will become a habit that will help you towards achieving your ideal weight and health.

Walk each time you get a chance.
Walk each time you get a chance. | Source

5. Never give up on achieving a fit and healthier version of yourself

You may fall behind a few steps backward when you become physically lazy for a few days or have pigged out a few days but resolve to forgive yourself and get back on track as soon as possible.

More so, do not be too hard on yourself on days you feel like the effort does not match the result. There will always be days like these but one thing that will get you through is a winning attitude and resolution to spring back.

Be committed to your fitness lifestyle. Commitment spells the difference success and failure. Commit that nothing will stop you from achieving a healthier and fitter version of you. With a firm resolve, alibis and excuses will fall to the wayside.

It simply means prodding on even when no one supports or even if you don't have a workout buddy. It means sticking to your plan to stay in shape no matter what.


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