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New York Construction Lawyer

Updated on February 20, 2012

96th Street Station

OK so its been a few Days since I last posted an article and I was a little drained when thinking of topics to write about when I did a search for 'keyword topics', New York Construction Lawyer was one which is supposed to be in demand. However this gave me inspiration to research and write about a subject which I am interested in, New York is somewhere I have visited on my travels during the years and I wanted to keep up to date with developments within the 'Big Apple'.

There are many dangers for people working on construction sites and since New York is such a condense area with many Skyscrapers there is more chance that members of the public could get injured also.

Here are some Safety Topics which People and Construction Companies need to be aware of:

You need to Organize a Healthy & Safe Construction Site

  • Assess the possibility of Slips, Trips and Falls, eliminate if possible or undertake measure to control the risks.
  • If you have people working at Heights, use towers, scaffolding, platforms, ladders with safety netting and fall restraints.
  • Analyze any possible structural instabilities, this way you can foresee any collapses when alterations, dismantling or demolishing is taking place.
  • Preventative measures also need to be taken when working in areas which include power lines and underground cables, get extensive mapping to ensure nobody gets electrocuted or power outings occur.
  • Obviously Bulky Machinery Vehicles will be in operation, ensure competent operators and control tests are carried out, platforms & dumper vehicles should be available to set up workspace efficiently.
  • Another Danger you need to consider is Fire, try to use materials which are non-combustible and protect ignition sources. Make sure your employees are trained in fire extinguishers and actions to take if one should occur.
  • If buildings are being altered or being demolished make sure the required radiance is cleared and that the person overseeing this plans thoroughly.

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Under Construction

Now onto some news regarding renovation's which have recently taken place within the city, including the above photos of 96th street station in Manhattan. Until recently, the 5th of April 2010 in fact, this subway system had not undergone any major structural work since it's opening in 1904. Although in 1950 the the tracks were extended and widened to allow longer trains, there were differences in the style of the platform wall decoration, this has recently been tidied during the 2009 work.

It took less time to build this 'Subway Station of the Future' than first predicted, it was completed 20 months ahead of schedule and $26 million dollars cheaper.

Photo courtesy of

Huge Buildboard Construction

If you visit places in New York such as Times Square, Little Italy, Chinatown and The Financial District you will be bombarded with these huge Billboard advertisements, many are quite complex and containing lighting and moving objects.These can easily lead to injuries if proper caution is not taken to prevent material being dropped or the tragedy of someone falling far from the top of a building.

Photo courtesy of

Accident Advice

Steps must be taken to section off areas where pipeline's are known to be, or are being laid and worked on. These can contain hazardous chemicals or waste which should be remembered when the public are at risk and suitable safety clothing provided to workers.(i.e goggles, masks and gloves).

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Workplace Accident Advice

Thankfully New York workmen are a lot safer than they were in the 1930's, this sculpture has been made to depict the famous 'Lunchtime atop a skyscraper' photograph taken by Charles C Ebbets when the RCA building was being constructed at Rockefeller Center.

Photo courtesy of

Accidents Construction

If your wondering how they managed to get these cranes on top of the Freedom Tower in Liberty Island, special 'self-erecting cranes were used to prevent accidents. These are also called 'Kangaroo Cranes' and lift themselves using jacks after each section of a building is completed.

Photo courtesy of

World Trade Center Construction

After the World Trade Center tragedy, many theories were explored to find the cause of the buildings collapsing, although it was the terrorists to blame. Some said it was the fire that brought them down, while some pointed out that the design was made without considering such an attack.

The latter theory is explained by stating that the planes which entered the Twin Towers damaged the core column which descended having the effect of dragging roofing and flooring with it. The evidence to back this claim up is that no plane debris exited the other sides of the building and that all the concentrated energy from the impact would be enough to knock out all the columns with no residence.

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New York Construction Law

Many people consider high-tech video camera networks to be an invasion of privacy, however surveillance camera's such as the one above on a New York street could prove valuable to somebody who makes a personal injury claim for an accident due to the nearby construction work.

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New York Construction Lawyer

All lifting operations must be handled using Cranes or Slings which have been tested for adequate strength and by law must undergo regular inspections by a health & safety examiner.

Here is a worldwide statistic from the official crane accident website:

Accident Reports Received for year 2009: 303

Deaths for 2009: 197

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Construction Accident Attorney

I thought I would include a familiar photograph of a Manhattan street to conclude my article, I am sure it is the street in which the hostel I stayed at was, if anyone knows of a hostel on Charlton street please let me know! If you would like to know more about how long it took to build the 'Four Points' Hotel in this picture, follow the link below, it is vital that building's aren't rushed in order to meet safety standards.

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