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New Pill Cures Bad Breath By Changing The Flavor Of Your Saliva

Updated on June 18, 2015

Scientists at Shui Soon University in China have discovered and created a completely healthy, natural way to say goodbye to morning breath for good! A new pill is waiting to be cleared by the FDA that will change the taste of your saliva for 4-8 hours a day, depending on your dosage. The pill is set to be marketed as a breath mint, but is said to have many more benefits than the typical mentos. The pill, simply being called "Tizen," is said to change the oral hygiene world as we know it.

Zun Cio, the lead scientist that discovered it, claims the idea came to him because of his long term battle with Halitosis. After trying every method he came across, he decided to take it into his own hands. "The pill consists of highly concentrated organic substances, that are absorbed through the lining of the stomach, then introduced into the body's main water supply." Zun says. "It is completely natural, and is similar to infusing the water in your body with natural flavor. Like flavored bottled water."

No way. Are there calories in it?

Though complete studies are not done on Tizen, Cio says that they estimate the pill to have no more calories in it than a soda. "Fruit has calories. We wanted this to be as natural as possible, so we chose not to add artificial sweeteners."

Are there side effects?

"We don't want this to be treated as a controlled substance, so I wouldn't want anyone to refer to this as a side effect. However, our studies have shown that constantly having a sweet taste in your mouth can decrease your appetite, naturally causing weight loss. Oh yes, and if you take it before going to bed, be prepared to have much more enjoyable mornings with your significant other!" Cio joked.

Zun is excited that the product is finally being examined by the FDA, because he loves the American culture and wants nothing more than the product to be in every store. The recommended dosage is one pill after breakfast and lunch, and two prior to sleep. The typical pill lasts approximately four hours, varying slightly depending on how your body metabolizes the extracts. If taken at the recommended times, which should be adjusted to your eating schedule, the flavor should wear off in time to not affect the flavor of you meals. The two pills at bedtime will last approximately eight hours, so you can wake with morning breath of your choice!

If you sleep longer than eight hours, Zun says tripling or even quadrupling the recommended dosage, will not harm you. "We had to put a recommended dosage on the product before the FDA would even look at it." he said. "But I personally have taken up to six at a time. Other than staying away from more savory foods for a couple of days, I felt fine."

Currently, Tizen comes in cherry, orange, melon, apple, cinnamon, mint, and chocolate. He says that they have some artificial flavors in the works, like bubblegum, but they're iffy on them because the concentrate is a little more complex, and does not absorb into the body well. Pending FDA approval we can expect to see Tizen in your local gas stations as soon as August! It will retail for $9.95 for a pack of twenty four.

Will you be checking out Tizen when it hits the stores?

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