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New Years Resolution or Wish List?

Updated on December 31, 2017

Take a closer look!

If you look closely at your resolutions, you'll notice that what you really have is a description of what your perfect life would be! You have listed the what, the where, and the why (this year)! All that is missing is how you will do it! If we simply “fill this out” with a few steps we can take to make it happen... Why, we'd have a kind of road map for our perfect life! We would know how to change our “wish list” into actual resolutions! Things we could be resolved to do! One could even say we'd have a plan!

Is this you?

We break 'em so easily!
We break 'em so easily! | Source


Filling out this list would be relatively easy. Simply take each item on the list and use it as a heading for your plan outline. The next step would be to determine what step would make this happen. For example let's say we had “make more money” as our heading! We'd have to decide what will make this happen. Takes a bit of brainstorming but you'd likely come up with something like, work more, get better job, or start a business. Now it's a simple matter to decide which you'd like to try and break it down into the necessary steps. Do this with each item, and you've got a plan!

Organize it!

So many choices!
So many choices! | Source

Your #1 New Years Resolution?

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Still a list!

At this point we still have a “wish list”. All we've done is a lot of smaller wishes to our big wishes! There's only one way to make something happen! Only ACTION makes things happen! The way to make this 'perfect life' thing happen, we'll need to do something! What we need to do is written in our resolution list/life plan. Of course, there is a right or wrong way to do this. Let's begin with the wrong things. It would be a mistake to believe we could do all this at once! These are life changes and changes in your life are, almost always, met with resistance! The more change, the greater the resistance! So my advice is to start with just one. Look at your plan and decide which one you want to start with.


Check it out!
Check it out! | Source

Consider these.

You'll want to consider things like:

How long will it take?

How important/urgent is it?

Which will yield the greatest benefit?


How much effort will it take?

Make the change1

Once you've made your decision, you need to break it down into smaller and smaller steps until you come to one you can do NOW! You're now on your way to turning a “wish list” into an actual New Years Resolution!

Take it easy

As you've probably noticed, there's actually a lot of work just to prepare your resolutions properly! There's no way you're going to do very many of these. So your best bet is to pick just one and do it. Your first pick should be relatively small such as "exercise 10 minutes a day" or "make $100.00 more a month". These sort of resolutions can usually be come routine in a few months or less.

Remember by taking small steps, you will be able to achieve great things!

Think about it!

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