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Nexium, Prilosec & Protonix Up Risk of Bone Fracture 25%!

Updated on March 28, 2012

Heartburn Aids Are Dangerous To OUR Health!

Many Americans take prescription and over-the-counter heartburn aids like Nexium, Prilosec, Protonix, Losec, Zegerid, Prevacid and omeprazole. These drugs are called proton pump inhibitors and over 100 million prescriptions are issued each year, not to mention the ones that are purchased over the counter. 

Now the latest research confirms that these drugs are dangerous to our health!

Don't let this happen to YOU!
Don't let this happen to YOU!

Latest Research on Heartburn Medications

The latest research on heartburn medications, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, now finds that regular use increases bone fracture by 25%. It also doubles the risk of contracting bad bacteria that causes infection, like the serious C. Difficile, and ups your risk for contracting pneumonia.

The pills don't actually cause these conditions but because they severely reduce acid levels in the stomach, they make it easier for bacteria like C. Difficile to take hold and limits the amount of calcium the body absorbs, resulting in bone fracture. 

The Problem With Taking Heartburn Medications

Here's the issue: It's one thing if these drugs are prescribed for stomach ulcers, bleeding and/or to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), but it's quite another if they're prescribed to treat simple heartburn--and that's where they are misused.

If you're taking them to prevent simple heartburn it's best to stop, but always talk with your health-care professional before beginning or stopping any regimen that effects your health!

Take this for heartburn!
Take this for heartburn!

The Madam Aphrodite™ Solution

As you know, I think the natural way, when possible, is the best way. And the best way to treat heartburn is with organic, apple cider vinegar.

Please read my latest Hub on the benefits of organic apple cider vinegar.

CAUTION: The information included herein is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult his or her healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation or if they have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan.


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