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Nice things to do for People: Simple Ideas for Spreading the Love

Updated on July 8, 2012

There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone in a random, unexpected way. When we do a good deed for someone for no other reason than to help that person have a better day, we in turn make ourselves have a better day because we feel good about doing it. This is what the world needs more of. Even if we don't feel appreciated for the act, we still know we did the right thing.

Sometimes though, we have no clue as to how we ought to go about helping others. We want to do good deeds and make a persons day a little brighter. We want to put a smile on someones face. We just don't know what to do in order to achieve that.

That is why I have developed a list of several nice things a person can do help others be happy. They are not complicated and some don't cost a cent. My hope is that we can all make it a point to do one or two of these things a day. Small acts of kindness go a long way. So if you want to help spread love in the world but don't quite know how, try some of these suggestions.

Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru

Next time you are in the drive thru at Starbucks or McDonald's, tell the cashier you would like to pay for the person behind you as well. This is a very nice surprise to the person when they get to the window to pay. You will not only put a smile on their face and make them very grateful, you may cause them to want to do the same to the person in line behind them. So next time you grab a coffee or some fast food, brighten someones day and pick up their tab. You may start a chain reaction with all of the cars in line!

Offer to put up someones shopping cart

When you are going in or coming out of the supermarket, you will more than likely encounter someone who has just put their groceries in the trunk and are looking around for the cart station in the parking lot. Assuming you have an idea as to where it is yourself, walk up the person and say you will put up the buggy for them. They will be pleasantly surprised at the gesture, especially since you don't work there. You may feel weird or awkward doing this for a random person, but they will love it. It may not seem like much, but the deed is what they are really appreciative of.

Buy coworkers a Coke or snack

Work can be mundane and boring. If you have noticed someone you work with or see occasionally enjoy a particular drink or snack now and then, pick up one up from them on your way back from lunch or break. Even if you don't know the person all that well they will be grateful. Something like this will make a bad day turn positive. Wouldn't you love to get a little surprise like that just when you think you are about to go crazy at work or school?

Compliment people

Everyone loves a nice compliment. It makes people feel good about themselves. When people receive a compliment, it builds self confidence and makes them feel positive and energetic for the rest of the day. So look for things in people that often get overlooked. Seek out opportunities to tell people you like something about them. The expression on their face will be a reward in and of itself.

Tip people who don't expect it

I know money is scarce these days, but when it comes to tipping people who don't usually get tips, the amount really doesn't matter as much. Tipping waiters and waitresses is always polite of course, but when it comes to people with other jobs, it isn't as expected. When the kid pushes the cart out and puts the groceries in your car, slip him a dollar or two. Even if he isn't allowed to keep it, he will appreciate you for it and feel good about what he does. Retail clerks who are patient and polite deserve medals. They put up with more nonsense from people than anyone should have to deal with in a day. They deserve a tip. Slip them one when the manager isn't looking.

Open doors and pick things up for people

I have never opened a door for someone and not put a smile on their face. Everyone appreciates that. It is courteous and a good way to spread positive vibes to other people. This may seem really small, but don't underestimate the power of even the smallest gesture.

Also, who doesn't love the guy that jumps like a rabbit to pick something up that someone drops. If you see someone drop a quarter or a pen, be the person who makes the move to go pick it up for them. This too may seem small, but it is still very kind and courteous.

Give a homeless person something

If you live in a bigger city, more than likely you are familiar with people at intersections with signs asking for money or food. Many people wont give anything based on the idea that they think they don't really need it or will buy beer or cigarettes with it. Well, who cares? It really doesn't matter what they do with the money. The point is that you did a good deed and no one can take that away from you. The fact that you did your best to help is more powerful than the lie they may have told you to get a handout. Many of them will use it for good and are trying to actually better themselves. So give them a dollar, grab them a combo meal, or do anything you can think of. You will feel good about yourself for doing it.

Make the world better!

Everyday second we spend in the presence of another person, we walk on the razor edge of determining the kind of day that person has. The fact is, you do not have to make a huge financial investment or spend an entire day doing something to do a good deed. We must live our lives putting others before ourselves. Look for ways to help people. There are opportunities everywhere. You just have to look for them. Make it a point to do one or two of these things everyday and you will be doing your part in making the world better for everyone.

We all talk about how we want the world to be more loving and generous, but many of us don't know how or what to do in order to achieve that goal. Hopefully this little list has given you a starting point. Be an example to others and bring charity and love back.

"Keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open"


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    • MichaelJohnMele profile image

      Michael John Mele 5 years ago from Seffner, Florida

      Love this hub...such an uplifting and inspiring message...thanks for sharing.

    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 5 years ago

      You've written down some great ideas here on to be kind to others. It really can be simple and take less that a minute to make someone feel appreciated and noticed! Voted up and beautiful:)

    • Esther  Strong profile image

      Esther Strong 5 years ago from UK

      Some really positive and simple methods for adding positivity to our daily lives. Voted up etc.

    • Archa Ghodge profile image

      Archa 5 years ago from India

      Nice post...the feeling is so beautiful when we do some act of kindness and which gives happiness to others.

    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 5 years ago

      Thank you very much. I just want this one to be read!

    • Crystal Tatum profile image

      Crystal Tatum 5 years ago from Georgia

      This is a wonderful hub full of great advice. Voted up and awesome and sharing.

    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 5 years ago

      I try my best to help others. I can only pray that I can do more of it. I just hope to inspire everyone else to do the same. Thanks for reading and for your kind words.

    • 910chris profile image

      910chris 5 years ago from North Carolina

      This was a very uplifiting Hub! I believe in karma, and I bet you have a lot of good karma coming your way!! I hope you have a blessed week!

    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 5 years ago

      Im so glad you both are doing things like this. I hope that more people in the world can learn to do little acts of kindness. That's really all it takes to make a difference to someone.

      Thanks for reading and your comments. God bless!

    • Lot Rillera profile image

      Lot Rillera 5 years ago from Philippines

      This is so nice, Here at work, I always prepare food for 3 people, I always include my friends. The feeling is great if we are helping people and will not expect for a return.

      Voted up ! Useful and beautiful. and shared too !

    • HLKeeley profile image

      HL Keeley 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Whenever I go out to eat, I always get too much food especially at The Macaroni Grill. Usually what I do is give the food away to a homeless person. If I cannot find a homeless person, I usually find someone on campus who is hungry (mostly boys turn out to be the person). It makes them smile. When I was in Atlanta, we were outside the city. I made the person driving to find a homeless person so I could give them chicken parm. I don't like giving them money because I do not want to support drugs. (former New Yorker)

    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 5 years ago

      Thank you very much. Im glad you enjoyed this!

    • profile image

      SusieQ42 5 years ago

      Excellent ideas! I voted it up and awesome and shared on FB. God bless, Susieq42