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Nickel Allergy: Makeup Products

Updated on July 6, 2013
Makeup products could be the cause of an allergic reaction
Makeup products could be the cause of an allergic reaction | Source

Did you put on some makeup but after a few minutes your skin started to itch? Do you often have rashes or eczema on your skin?

Nickel allergy is often referenced as jewellery allergy, however silver earrings and necklaces are not the only fashion items containing this metal. Beauty products, such as eyeshadows with a 'hint' of nickel could also cause an allergic reaction in the body.

An informative video on this topic from YouTube

How do I Know if I Have Nickel Allergy?

If you are wearing a silver necklace for instance and you get a rash on your neck – especially in the summer, you might have this type of allergy.

Other allergic symptoms could include eczema, headache, fatigue, anaemia, stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, asthma, etc.

If you suspect that your symptoms could be caused by metals, such as nickel, it is highly recommended to consult with a doctor and take an allergy test.

Nickel | Source

What Contains Nickel?

Nickel is a type of metal and can be found in many natural and artificial products. The main sources are:

  • food: tomatoes, nuts, hazelnut, chocolate, lens…
  • jewellery:silver, 14k gold…
  • fashion items: belt buckle, watch…
  • beauty products: hair dye, mascara…

Which Makeup Brands are Nickel-Free?

There are several cosmetics that contain nickel in the colouring compontent, such as mascaras, shimmery eye shadows, eye liners and so on. This is usually not listed among the product components so it is almost impossible to track before actually testing the make up on the skin.

Brands that I recommend as I have used them for several years without any issues:

  • Clinique
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Yves Rocher

Based on a dermatologist’s advise anyone who has nickel intolerance should search for makeup products that are top-shelf and high quality as well as made from natural components.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more on nickel allergy and whether you are affected by it, consult with a dermatologist.

You may also find further information about the components of cosmetics on the Environmental Working Group's website:

Find out for more on foods containing nickel from my other article:

Nickel Allergy: Foods to Avoid

© 2013 Zsuzsi @

Have you ever experienced allergic symptoms from using a particular makeup product?

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© 2013 Zsuzsi


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    • profile image

      Devu Bisht 4 months ago

      What is the product & company name nickle free allergy.

    • profile image

      Nickely Challenged 2 years ago

      I think I am doing a good job trying to live a nickel free life but unfortunately there is always something that has nickel and now its my liquid and powder foundations. I am trying to find nickel free makeup foundations that can acknowledge that everyone doesnt have a snow white complexion and that my melonin isn't hindering me to live a more nickel free life.

    • profile image

      annette 3 years ago

      I have a nickel allergy and a lot of make up and hair products triggers problems with my eyes, the lids swell and feel crusty and inside the lid is very sore like its burning .cant use false eyelashes at all , some mascaras , eyeliners and eyeshadows trigger symptoms too .my face and neck itch ,my head itches and at its worst was full of scales like babies cradle cap . My nose is always running and eyes watery . As soon as i get up and out of bed my eyes water , outside any degree of cold makes my eyes run . Any suggestions or help out there ? Have avoided alot of prodcts 'use only baby shampoo and the simple range of facisl products and it has helped .

    • Zsuzsi profile image

      Zsuzsi 5 years ago from Hungary

      Hi Susan, sorry to hear that you had issues with the eyeshadow. Did you have similar experience with other Clinique products as well?

    • profile image

      Susan Foley 5 years ago

      I have a nickel allergy and Clinique eyeshadow bothers me. I was surprised to see that listed as nickel-free. Does anyone have any other suggestions for eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara?

    • Zsuzsi profile image

      Zsuzsi 5 years ago from Hungary

      No, I didn't know until now. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      loseraspie 5 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. Did you know that Mara Wilson and Daniel Radcliff are allergic to Nickel?

    • Zsuzsi profile image

      Zsuzsi 5 years ago from Hungary

      Hello, glad you found the hub useful and thanks for your build. I'll look into this and will include further info in the article if I find out more.

    • Anya_Marcot profile image

      Anya_Marcot 5 years ago from NY

      Thank you for this info! I have nickel allergy (along with all my other allergies) so this will be helpful. I was wondering if you could find out other names or derivatives for nickel to add it to your hub? Im going to research it as well, but I think nickel derivatives would be very helpful for your readers.