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Nine Easy Get Ready for Fall Tips

Updated on September 29, 2016

Freshen Up Stored Winter Clothes.

Getting warm winter gear out of storage and notice stale odors or mold? Mix equal parts filtered water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Lightly spray sweaters, hats, scarves and other knits and let dry. This will neutralize odors and even eliminate mold or bacteria that may have found its way into the storage container. Be sure to check the label on any fancy items and do not use the spray on ‘dry clean only’ fabrics. If you want to freshen up your winter duds, put them in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets for 10 minutes.

Wake Up Easier with Light

The sun rises later and later this time of year, and nighttime temperatures start to drop, making it harder to wake up in the dark and leave your warm comfy bed. To help you rise and shine, put a lamp on your night table, within reach (right next to your alarm). Develop a habit of turning on the light before turning off the alarm. If your alarm is a cellphone, put it in a night table drawer or in a glass so you have to wake up a bit to get at the snooze button. Turning on the light before hitting the snooze will help signal the brain that it is time to wake up.

Undo End-of-Summer Brassy Hair

Summer is over, time to go back to school, work and reality. Too much salt water, chlorine and time in the sun can oxidize your hair color. If you want to fix the tone in your hair, choose one shade darker that has an ashy tone. For example, a medium ash brown or light ash brown color. The green base in the ash color will neutralize the red or orange brassiness. Hair color at home works great if your hair is not damaged and the hair color on your head is just one shade off of the color on the box. However, if your hair has very different colored areas or significant damage, you should see a professional to correct your color.

Skin Peeling, patchy skin.

A little too much fun in the sun and now you have peeling skin or patches of peeling skin, first thing to do is keep the area moisturized. Jojoba oil, olive oil or even petroleum jelly applied directly to the skin can help combat extreme dryness and keep the flakiness down. Once your skin no longer feels tight and itchy you can start to gently exfoliate it by using a light scrub or even an alpha-hydroxy acid moisturizer. This will quicken cell turnover and new skin. Use sunscreen or cover the burned areas to avoid exposing the skin to the sun while your skin is healing.

Facial Pores are more Apparent and Look Larger.

If your skin looks ruddy and a bit weathered after a long hot summer, you aren’t imagining things. High heat and humidity relaxes and opens the pores of the face, this lets makeup, lotions and even sunscreen mix with sweat and dead skin cells that clog up your pores. If you clear out the pores, they will not appear as large. A good cleaning will also prevent future breakouts. You can schedule a facial or two or you can take care of this easily at home over the course of a few weeks. Look for products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid or, if you are over 30, use products containing retinols. These types of products come in varying strengths, so make sure you read the label and use according to the instructions. A few applications should help clear the pores and return your skin to what it was. It is recommended to wear sunscreen year round, however, if you use these types of products, it is particularly important to apply sunscreen every day and to reapply after a few hours for prolonged time in the sun.

Prepare for Holiday Spending and Weight Gaining

People spend, on average $10.00 per day on food, coffee and snacks per day at work. Deciding to bring your lunch to work for two days per week and transferring $25 per week into savings can help you painlessly save money that you can use for holiday shopping. Another benefit to brown bagging is that you can control what and how much you eat. Use whole grains, low fat mayo or mustards on sandwiches. Use carrots, celery or broccoli instead of chips to dip into lower calorie hummus or guacamole. Bring a piece of fruit or small container or canned fruit (packed in water) to satisfy any cravings for sweets. You can easily start saving for holiday spending and be proactive about any potential diet busters during the holiday season.

Get Ready for Cold and Flu Season

Soon everyone will be spending more time indoors, catching a cold or even the flu might seem inevitable. Prepare now by scanning sales and stocking up on over the counter medications. Begin taking Vitamin C and zinc supplements to strengthen immunity. Consider getting the flu shot too, since it can drastically lessen the suffering and shorten the duration of symptoms of the flu.

Time for Fall Cleaning.

Go room by room and clear dust and allergens. Clean window coverings and drapes, clean window tracks so dust and dirt does not stay trapped in your home all winter. Check pillows, blankets and sheets, you may need to change or launder them. Put out rugs and floor coverings in the sun to air them out, vacuum and clean them as well. Check wet areas, for example the bathroom and kitchen sinks and counters around them, also around the toilet and shower or bath for any mold and mildew. Ventilate the area and clean with a bleach solution. If you need to remove and replace caulk seal do so now before a bigger problem develops during the winter months.

Help Seasonal Mood Changes with Aromas

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that uses plant parts, like leaves, roots and oils to alter mood and improve feelings. Scientists have not proven that aromatherapy can cure disease, but we all have experienced coming upon a certain aroma and instantly remembering something and our current feelings change. Certain aromas of the fall seasons can have positive effects. Cinnamon is said to improve attention span and memory; Apples and Sage can help relieve headaches; Nutmeg helps in relaxation; Clove helps with congestion. The fall is a great time for baking pies or even infusing the air with essential oils. Just be aware if you decide to use candles or incense, be sure to use high quality items. Some of the lower quality products use lead in wicks or other compounds that create harmful fumes.

These tips will help you usher in the new season, you will look and feel fabulous and your home will be sensational. Happy Fall Everyone!


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