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No More Holiday Muffin-tops

Updated on December 5, 2015

Say Goodbye to that Holiday Belly

When the holidays roll in, so do those limited edition snacks that you just cannot walk past in the supermarket. It’s scary how much I’ve already indulged in, and Christmas is still a few more weeks away. I’m quite scared that between now and Thanksgiving I’ll become a round yoga ball and not have the energy it takes to get my “Summer Bod” ready. Right now I’m going to have to take my own advice as I help you guys out with a few tips.


This is one of the hardest things for me. I tell myself that today I’ll indulge in everything I want to eat and the tomorrow I will get back to normal or even start eating healthier. This is the biggest lie I tell myself. It's really hard to force your body into new habits, and takes a lot more willpower that it seems. I know that tomorrow I’m going to want some eggnog ice cream, or some fruit cake. So today maybe I’ll just have one of them. It’ll be here tomorrow and I won’t feel bad after it….well, not that bad. It’s never bad to have things in moderation, but it’s always a horrible thing to binge. If you do want to go cold turkey, slowly wean your body of whatever it is that you cannot get enough of.


When you’re eating at a holiday party, maybe you should just grab a smaller plate. Studies show that people with bigger plates tend to eat more food. Even when you’re taking a to-go-plate, keep it small so you eat it all when you’re home. Moreover, do not eat anything bigger than your fist. Think of your hand as your own meal managing tool. Trust me it'll get you far.

Bake For Others, Not For You

I’ve always loved the process and preparation of baking. When I was in high school I would always bake gingerbread men, sugar cookies, and cakes just to get in the holiday spirit. This was a really bad habit because I would bring a tray full of cookies to my room and just eat them in front of my favorite shows and eat them all at once with no regret. I was more active back then because of cheer leading, but still cookies are cookies. All that sugar and flour is definitely the reason that when the new year came around I was heavier than ever. Recently, I started baking for my friends and I would save only a few of the treats for myself. It tastes better when there is a limited amount and your friends will adore you. This tip is more of a "share your calories" kind of tip. The more you give, the better you will feel.

Do Not Linger

It’s a known fact that once you’re done satisfying your body, everything else is because your eyes deceive you. Do not swear off sweets, just grab a few and run as fast as you can. Never look back, because if you stand in the dessert aisle you’ll buy more desserts. Even at a holiday party, grab a bit of dessert and do not make you way back. Sometimes it can feel impossible, and sometime you really want to treat yourself to something special, but do not let it get out of hand.

Get Moving Anyway You Can

This tip is a simple one. Get your exercise in anytime you can. Take some stairs, do some pushups or situps, add some squats while you brush your teeth, anything to get your body moving. If you're moving you’re burning calories and if you’re burning it will be better in the long run. Yoga and stretching in the morning also makes a huge different. Spend any amount of time doing anything you can to get your body moving. Going to the mall and shopping is a good way to mindlessly burn calories, and maybe you'll find a nice gift to give yourself, as long as its not food.

With these tips, you should be able to dodge the holiday pounds, or atleast dodge a few of them. Good luck and Happy Holidays.


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