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No Need To Take Medicines For Getting Relief From Tension Headaches

Updated on February 16, 2015

Headaches are of various types and they include migraines, sinus headaches and tension headaches. Regardless of their types, they can be annoying. Experts opine that most of the headaches come under the category of 'tension headaches.'

A number of theories have been propounded to explain the causes that trigger headaches. The fact is tension in the neck muscles can cause headache. Similarly, mental tension or stress can also cause headaches. Therefore, it you take steps to reduce your stress, you can get relief from your headache.


You must first learn to relax but unfortunately, many of us do not know how to relax. It is true we are forced to shoulder a number of responsibilities, thanks to the competitive environment that prevails everywhere and in every field. But you can relax if you first identify the things that make you feel happy. When you feel stressed out, you can involve yourself in those activities. According to experts, a good work-out can relieve stress. You can avoid doing things that cause you stress also.

Deep Breath
All of us think that we can not do anything about our breathing. But most of us do not breathe properly. It is necessary that you must learn to have deep breaths so your system will get adequate oxygen. If you ensure to increase the supply of oxygen to your body, you can get relief from your tension headaches.
Yoga And Pranayama
There are certain yogic exercises that can relax both the mind and the body. Likewise, yogic breathing that is otherwise known as pranayama can also relax the mind and help you overcome your headache. But you must learn the exercises including yogic breathing from competent teachers.
Preventing Stress

You can be proactive and prevent stress before it builds up. This means you must anticipate things, plan wisely and avoid triggers that may cause you tension or stress. You can learn to prepare your to-do lists so you will not forget doing important things. You must also learn to prioritize. If you take the right action at the right time, you can certainly prevent the triggers that cause stress and headache. Though you can not completely eliminate stress, you can learn to manage it judiciously so you can lead a healthy and tension-free life.


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