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No.1 Problem With Weight Loss

Updated on February 21, 2014

Problem with weight loss


Problems With Weight Loss

Losing weight is an easy task if you are on the right health track. Due to advancement in science and technology, many new methods are introduced daily. There are new weight loss programs, pills, and supplements being introduced in market.

Weight loss has become a hot niche. If this trend goes like that, weight loss industry will overlap the fashion industry. Fashion is a major reason for weight loss. It is your right to look smart and young, however weight loss is a health issue, not a fashion style.

Problems with weight loss

This article is about problems associated with weight loss. Annual industrial worth for weight loss market is calculated to be about 55 billion dollars to 60 billion dollars. If it is true(and it is); why we are not getting results. Why there is an increase in obesity ratio?

If one road is efficient and the other one is inefficient and fast, which path should you use? Most people claim that they want to go for efficiency but that is not the reality. Otherwise, we will not be seeing advertisements like that:

Magic Diet pill!

No exercise, no diet, 100%safe, weight loss guaranteed!

Melt your fat away!

These kind of products cannot fulfill the promise made in the advertisements.

“These products are not legal dietary supplements” says Michael Levy, director of the Food and Drug Administrative (FDA’s) division of new drugs and labeling compliance.

These kinds of weight loss problems contain very powerful drugs that can make you:

  • Addicted to them
  • You may feel pain or dizziness after you stopped taking weight loss pills
  • Insomnia, restlessness, headaches, diarrhea, and dry mouth
  • Liver problems

Weight loss pills may cause these problems. Weight loss pills are not the only option to lose weight. In rare cases, when immediate weight loss is necessary, weight loss pills may come into play.

There are many problems associated with weight loss. Weight loss in itself is a problem. When we are living a healthy life, we do not pay gratitude for the healthy life we are living. We do get worried when we are sick or when we do not feel good about ourselves.

Weight loss is an issue associated with our beauty, appearance, self-esteem, confidence, and public reputation. People do not like fat celebrities and this fact remains same for all women in a particular society.

Due to this fact, a great research has been made on this topic. Thousands of gyms and slimming centers have been opened worldwide. In America, best facilities are available for weight loss but still 60% of the population is obese. Obesity is not the only matter, we all are well aware of the disadvantages of weight gain. These include:

  • Heart attacks
  • Increased cholesterol level
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Diabetes of type2

These problems are minor one. This article was named as “No.1 weight loss problem”.

Now we have made the ground, it is time to provide proofs.

No.1 problem with weight loss

Weight loss is a rich market. Yes it is. What is the purpose of any business? Salesperson goes where the customers are. If customers do not want a product, salespersons will not sale it. Businesses stand on this premise:

Customer is always right

If public will reject a certain product that certain company will go down. Decision is in your hand. Public vote determines the kind of products a company will make. Here lies the biggest problem associated with weight loss.

It is our deep hidden desire to get something without paying its price. People love FREE. This is a market technique. Best thing in the world are free, but that is not true in every case.

We do not want to remain in problematic area of our life. We want a quick solution to solve our problems quickly.

People want a quick scheme to lose weight as quickly as possible. They do not want log-term weight loss results. They want weight loss within 3 or 7 days. Take more time and they will definitely lose their temper. People cannot give time to their health.

In today’s market, weight loss is a fashion industry term.

People want to lose weight just like whitening facial or massage cream will make you beautiful in one or two hours. However, you must understand weight loss is not a facial or skin polish; it will take some time to get the results.

You cannot get slim overnight. It is your body, not a driving vehicle. However, the companies understand your hidden desires and that is why we see advertisements like that:

Lose 30 pounds in 10 days

3-day diet plan that will help you lose 24 pounds

Lose up to 30 pounds with this supplement. Risk free, Result guaranteed.

Quick schemes are the most dangerous one. Shortcuts are not good whether you are making money or it is a health decision. Everyone knows these kinds of advertisements rarely work. If they work at all, it is almost impossible to maintain your ideal weight once achieved.

Public demands quick weight loss schemes. Technology has devised new and new methods to lose weight as quickly as possible; just like losing belly fat and thigh fat through the usage of certain machines.

Slimming centers and gyms combine new technology and traditional methods to get results for their customers; if that combination would have worked successfully, weight loss industry would have never been that rich. That is the No.1 problem associated with weight loss. People will have to understand that weight loss is not a one-time job and it cannot be achieved easily.

To avoid harmful weight loss supplements and pills, use these tips:

  • Please understand that there are no quick and fast roadways to weight loss success. These quick methods work rarely and if they work at all, results are temporary and short-lived.
  • Do not buy supplements and pills that ask you to do nothing.
  • Supplements and pills are medicines. Do not buy them without written prescription from a certified medical practitioner.
  • Weight loss is not possible without exercise and proper diet. Supplements may help you suppress your appetite but it is your job to do the rest of work. You must control your cravings. Make a diet plan and follow it. Regularly do some exercise that best suits your needs.
  • Crash dieting plans do not work. They will help you lose some weight and after the diet plan; you will get that weight back. Proper and balanced diet plans with proper exercise routines are the way to a healthy and slim life.

Best of luck on your weight loss journey!

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According to a study made in 2007 by World Healtlh Organization  
More than 63.8% Australian population is obese. This country ranks 21st in the world.
More than 74.1% American population is obese. This country ransk 9th in world rankings.

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