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Lose Weight Without Much of a Diet

Updated on August 30, 2017

Running before the First Meal

As you sleep during the night, your body is hard at work burning fat. But then you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you do is go downstairs and eat breakfast.

Well, don't.

Instead, take a run around your neighborhood. It can be fast and swift, as in a sprint down your block. Or it can be a nice, long, smoothed-out jog around the local park. I'd much rather prefer the smoothed-out jog, as it's more relaxing, and you can actually focus on the music playing from your iPod.

A sprint should take less than a minute or so, but a jog should take at least 10 minutes. Do this as soon as you have decent clothes on and have brushed your teeth and taken a shower.

The Sprint

You can either do a normal sprint, or you can try doing these so-called "Wind Sprints." Do a Wind Sprint by sprinting as fast as you can to the end of your block, then circling around and walking back towards your starting point, before sprinting off again. This is the most effective, yet most painful way of losing weight. Repeat for around ten times.

Wind Sprints at its Finest

The Jog

Find a park with a walkway either looping through it or ringing around it. Wake up at least an hour before you head off to work (note: this is not recommended for people who leave their property before 6:30 am: you'll need some light to guide you), and take a jog around the park. Bring an iPod if you have one, and bring a bottle of water.

If there's no park within walking or biking distance, just jog on your street, or to a nearby mall or something. Just find somewhere to jog.

No Snacks

You won't have to diet, but please try not to eat snack after snack after snack if you're serious about this. Maybe once day, after lunch, grab a small bowl of pretzels and wash it down with some water. Afterwards, be sure to walk around your workplace or your home, and climb some stairs as well.

A more healthier and more effective method is to either quit snacking all together, or snack more healthily. Try celery with ranch dips. (They're actually pretty good!)

Don't eat like this Guy


Real Men do This

A few push-ups couldn't hurt either. You know: do what real men do: 2 or 3 push-ups an hour.

Great Job!

Great job! Do this every day for a month to a year depending on your seriousness, and you should lose weight! If you don't...well, try running longer.


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