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Wet dream: male and female cases

Updated on May 15, 2015


1. Unmarried men and women

In one of the churches I pastored, I experienced a terrible loss of a wonderful and generous sister to the affliction of spiritual spouse. I was preaching one Sunday service and God gave me word of knowledge about spiritual spouse affliction. The young sister involved came to see me in my office for prayers and counselling. I asked her to embark immediately on a 3 days fasting programme and I gave her some bible passages to read. I also asked her to ensure she gets baptised in the Holy Spirit as a matter of life and death because I sensed that the demons troubling her were very violent. She could not start the fasting programme immediately for some personal reasons and the day she finally started, she had an accident on her way home from work and was hospitalised. When the doctors thought she was recovering, the nurses on duty woke up one morning to see that she was dead. The spirit spouse terminated her life.

The emergence of mobile phones with internet facilities has put in the hands of both the young and the elderly, single and married the world of pornography and online chats that arouses sexually and instigates fornication, oral sex, masturbation, wet dreams, incest, prostitution... Sex perversions are products of defiled minds and consciences; whoever is engaged therein deserves our sympathy and not condemnation.

A mentally challenged person will put his mouth on to an anus; a channel for excreta as is the case of anal and oral sex. Do not allow yourself to be deceived like most young ones to believe that oral sex is safe and not a sin or that anal sex cannot lead to unwanted pregnancy. These may seem safe but people have contracted STDs and HIV/AIDS through these perversions. Moreover, such activities amount to abuse of the body and expose those engaged in it to demons of wet dream. (Rom.1:26-27).

Wet dream is very rampant amongst our youths; this is fallout of the high level of immorality today. From our understanding of the scriptures, multiple fornication partners means multiple demonic marriages that will consequently birth wet dream afflictions and hinder the young victims in life, including delay in marriage, premature death and other dangers of wet dream afflictions. There was even a case of a young woman that could not get married because of a serious affliction of wet dreams. All two men who dare propose to marry her, died mysteriously in the heat of their marriage preparations. The sister then refused to go into marital relationship until she was delivered. Thank God she got delivered and happily married with children today.


2. Married men and women

In one of our prayer meetings, it was revealed that a married woman was having series of miscarriages which rendered her childless since she got married. The woman came out of the congregation to acknowledge she was the one and it was further revealed that she knew why she was having the miscarriages but hid it from the husband. Finally, she confessed that each time she is pregnant, she gets a visit in her dream the night before every of the miscarriages by a very tall man. The man in her dream will want to make love to her even while sleeping beside her husband. She will refuse reminding the evil personality that she is pregnant. The evil personality will then violently pounce on her and rape her. The next morning after the dream, the woman will wake up with blood everywhere; that becomes another miscarriage.

One of the grounds for wet dream is demonic marriage. Until a victim is delivered and the evil covenant broken, even when the person gets married, he or she is still in danger. A lot of cases of miscarriage, barrenness, prolonged pregnancy (over 9 months), strange objects in the womb, very painful menstrual periods and even fibroids in married women can be linked to the activities of spiritual spouses and projections by evil personalities.

3. Virgin men and women

Beside the rare cases of occult and witchcraft manipulation of virgins, some have legally given access to the wet dream demons via masturbation, pornography and other perversions. But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. (Matthew 5:28)

Today, our eyes and ears have also become a crack through which the enemy is feeding our minds. Technology abounds that enables us to see and hear from people that are miles away from us; even across continents. Chat rooms abounds that could make a virgin become irrational and in search of premarital sex or other sex perversions.


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