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Non-Communicable Diseases kill more people each year than any other Disease

Updated on February 11, 2015


Tension-headache | Source

Non- communicable diseases

A Non-communicable disease refers to disease that is not infectious and you cannot catch them from another person. Theses disease develops with time and might have instantaneous effect or long lasting health complications

Non-communicable diseases could be a silent killer with many signs or might not be easily diagnosed with deadly consequences. Many non communicable diseases can be controlled through adequate care management, early diagnosis, and change in lifestyle, including exercise, correct medication, surgery and diet.

Non- Communicable disease is the number one killer of humans than other high profile diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Meningitis and Ebola. According to the world health organization non –communicable diseases is responsible for more than 36 million deaths world wide.

In 2008 non communicable diseases was responsible for a great number of deaths world wide numbering 57million deaths making the condition a very serious problem. Certain diseases come under non-communicable diseases such as stroke, cancer, heart disease diabetes and chronic respiratory disease.

The remote causes of fatality are due to poor diagnosis and healthcare systems, poverty and poor health management by the sufferer. Many of the deaths happen in developing countries without proper maintenance and management of the diseases.

The risk factor of developing a fatal non-communicable disease is influenced by the life style choices of the individual such as indiscriminate consumption of alcohol, tobacco smoking, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity. Other remote causes are raised blood pressure, lack of adequate exercise, an inordinate increase in cholesterol levels and increased blood sugar.

Other statistics show that 29% of deaths through non-communicable diseases occur in low and mid income countries while a staggering 80% of diabetes, stroke and heart disease are preventable with proper diagnosis, lifestyle choices and medication.


 cancer newspaper word magnifier magnifying glass
cancer newspaper word magnifier magnifying glass | Source

Communicable and Non communicable diseases

Non-Communicable diseases
Communicable diseases
Small pox
Suden death

Types of non-communicable diseases


Cancer is a deadly non communicable disease that has killed millions of people world wide, cancer can be inherited or might develop individually without any family member ever having the condition. Breast cancer is more prevalent in women but men can also develop the condition.

An abnormal growth or tumor in the body might indicate the presence of cancer, without proper diagnosis and treatment the deadly condition could spread. Cancer can occur in any part of the body and might cause chronic head aches, low stamina, bleeding, weight loss and lumpy growth.

Breast cancer is a common disease that affects the breast, it might be caused by hormone replacement therapy, hereditary, might manifest if overweight. Cancer can occur in any area of the body like the lungs, stomach colon and leg. A reason why it kills millions is because of poor diagnosis, wrong treatment, lack of adequate healthcare, and late detection.

Things that might contribute to developing cancer include hereditary pointers, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diet, exercise, obesity and smoking. Regular self examination in the case of breast cancer can aid the sufferer detect the disease earlier so appropriate treatment is prescribed.

Treatment of cancer can be through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, medication, not all lumps are cancerous, it has no cure but early detection can save lives.



Sudden death

Sudden death syndrome might have some underlining causes such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, stress and heart diseases. Heart disease is the number one cause of sudden death. Sudden death syndrome is a non-communicable disease caused mainly by heart attack/cardiac arrest.

Other reasons might be attributed to stressful situation, over exertion, exhaustion, suffocation and mismanaged hypertension. Sudden death is not actually sudden because there are telltale symptoms of ill health such as dizziness, general weakness, chronic headache, breathlessness.

Treatment and prevention include medication, diagnosis of heart aliments through ECG scan and maintenance of other problems blood pressure, diet and exercise. Sudden death is an unexpected, non violent death of seemingly healthy person within minutes of the cardiac attack.

If diagnosed of cardiac problems the person can control his cholesterol levels and obesity while changing lifestyle through exercise, proper diet and prescribed medication.

Person with heart problems

Person suffering from heart related problems.
Person suffering from heart related problems. | Source

List of non- communicable diseases

1 Alzheimer’s disease

2 Osteoporosis

3 Heart disease

4 Stroke and stress

5 Asthma

6 Cancers

7 Autoimmune diseases

8 Cataracts

9 Hypertension

10 Sudden death syndrome

Heart disease

Heart disease could be hereditary or might develop over time; under heart disease you can find heart defects, coronary artery disease, irregular heart beat, enlarged heart and many more. Cardiovascular diseases can be caused by blocked or narrow blood vessel. Malfunctioning valves, irregular heart beat, hypertension and stroke can cause heart disease.

Symptoms include palpitation of the heart, pain in the chest region, shortness of breadth, pain in neck and upper abdominal region. Other signs are dizziness, lightheaded, swollen legs, sever exhaustion and fatigue, labored breathing.

Some people experience fever, constant headache, fatigue, Persistent cough, pale skin and fainting spells .precautionary methods might involve seeking medical advise, consultation and diagnosis, proper diet, medication and lifestyle choices can reduce the risks associated with heart diseases.

High blood pressure

Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit

Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit
Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit | Source


A person is said to be hypertensive when the blood pressure is unusually high, hypertension is a non-communicable condition that is chronic and has deadly consequences. The hypertension could be primary or secondary and occurs during stress related activities, excessive strain and the contractions of the heart.

Hypertension can be caused by dietary causes, sedentary life style, stress, anxiety, age and obesity. Others causes of this illness are sleep deprivation, coarctation of aorta even anxiety during pregnancy. Hypertension drastically shortens a person life span and maintenance of the condition after proper diagnosis might be a change in lifestyle.

Other precautionary methods a hypertensive person can take are maintain normal body mass, medication, exercise more, reduce the consumption of alcohol. Signs of having high blood pressure might include chronic headaches, mild fevers, vertigo, spells of fainting, lightheadedness and unusual anxiety.

The person can eat healthy by having a balanced diet that consists of lots of fruits and vegetables; all of the recommended activities are to reduce the level of blood pressure. The person suffering from this condition can use an automated blood pressure meter to monitor arterial hypertension, the blood pressure and heart rate.

Not only adults can be hypertensive, children and pregnant women have their share of the condition, some physical signs are paralysis of the face, extreme fatigue and dizziness. To beat hypertension proper diagnosis is important, learning techniques on how to relax, meditation, slowing down the pace, weight loss through regular exercise and proper diet.


 stress relaxation relax voltage burnout headache
stress relaxation relax voltage burnout headache | Source


Many people die of non-communicable diseases like respiratory diseases, asthma, hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Most non-communicable diseases develop over time and usually show certain symptoms that might reveal more dangerous conditions.

Non-communicable diseases have claimed millions of lives out of ignorance, poor medical care, and misdiagnosis. Many of them can be put under control but diseases like cancer are more deadly.

The first step to surviving a non-communicable disease is early diagnosis then a drastic life style change, regular use of prescribed medication is essential for recovery. Weight loss through exercise, proper diet is just some of the numerous ways of beating these silent but deadly diseases.


Stress as a non-communicable illness.

Stress symptoms include head aches, tiredness, dizziness and nausea; it can be both physical and physiological. Stress deals with an emotional and physical response to certain hectic situations. Unfortunately stress can snowball into many dangerous illness like hypertension, stroke, and culinary heart failure.

The underlining causes of stress might include over working, little relaxation, anxiety, poor judgment and mental issues. Many hypertensive patients show signs of stress which eventual affects them mentally and physically. Adequate rest, mental strength and relaxation are ways to beat stressful situations.

Stress by it self does not kill but can be a gateway to certified killers such as obesity, hypertension, stroke heart disease and sudden death syndrome. Yoga might help, relaxing music, stress free vacations, a more organized schedule and lots of fun stress free activities.


Stoke is said to occur when blood vessels that supply oxygen to the brain gets blocked, it is a serious condition that can cause heart failure and hemorrhage. Apart from causing partial paralysis stroke is a known killer, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of getting stroke.

Reduce your caffeine intake, stop smoking or taking any stimulant, lower your cholesterol level and control your high blood pressure. Other methods include exercise to reduce obesity, if diabetic effectively control the illness, limit alcohol intake and have an active lifestyle.

Non-communicable diseases

Which of this is not a non communicable disease

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