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SpeedFit...Not Another Fat Summer

Updated on April 10, 2012

by Mary Holtzman

Finally, the end of summer! Not another fat summer! You know those fat summers where you pray the fashion experts dictate loose, flowing clothing and one-piece swimsuits and where you secretly pray for a lot of rain. Any courageous time spent at the beach, you find yourself obsessing on all those beautiful lean bodies, convincing yourself, if I start planning now, next summer I will be out there in those tiny tanks, and lean capris. Well, 40 pounds lighter, and four sizes smaller, guess what is sitting in my closet this summer!

Flashback to the last summer……Having just signed the lease on the rental in Bridgehampton for August, I panicked at what I was going to do without my trainer and gym back home. After all, I had been training for the past two years, three times a week and had made some progress in the weight loss front. Well, I was thinner, than I had been in years but the mirror still reflected a “larger than I wanted to be” me. In retrospect, going to the gym had become just another ritual of my day, in between some of those more important aspects of life like eating. I loved going to the gym. Where else could you do something supposedly beneficial to your health and body, not sweat and once, and be able to go anywhere after without have a shower? Well, I thought I was getting results. After all, some people remarked, “Had I lost some weight?” But the scale stuck at 174 pounds and at 5’8” I don’t have to tell you where that put my BMI (body mass index).

One of the first things I did upon arrival in the Hamptons was look in the papers for my interim summer fitness plan. I called the first ad I saw SPEEDFIT Studio, which offered both classes and private training. A guy named Alex with a Eastern European accent called back and began asked me questions about my current fitness routine. He told me about his New SpeedFit System. It sounded OK on the phone so I responded, “When, can I start? “ “How about tomorrow at 4 p.m.?” asked Alex. Appointment, confirmed. I arrived the next afternoon ready to work out as usual. As I walked into the “gym”, I thought I was in the wrong place. Where were the free weights and leg press machines? Soon enough it became clear to me that my body was the only necessary machine in my new fitness regime. Well, let me tell you now, all of those years of hours spent on the machines with a trainer by my side had not prepared me for what was to come next – the first real work out of my entire life.

I left the gym wringing wet in sweat, desperately needing a shower ASAP. I had never left the gym before in this condition. Using some of basic elements from his training as track and field Olympic competitor, Alex Astilean has developed a successful fitness program called SpeedFit which is based on testing yourself running or walking from one minute to ten minutes at most and then chart yourself on Astilean Matrix, using a unique method of running coupled with high intensity calisthenics exercises. The theory behind the method is that a greater calorie expenditure and higher stroke volume of heat can be achieved in a shorter amount of time running on the balls of your feet rather than prolonged periods of exercise at a slower pace using the runner techniques of the marathon runner. The key component is using a toe running stance with varying incremental increases of elevation and incline, instead of traditional heel first(long distance method of running). In between these explosive runs, other high intensity cardio methods are used with short periods of recovery. The results are extremely effective means of burning fat and toning the body. In laymen’s terms, Alex’s SpeedFit Class burns fat, lots of fat and faster than any other method. My new and improved body became all the proof needed.

The morning after I felt fine, thinking to myself that the workout was not all that tough. But Thursday night, the workout set in ! Every muscle burned and I walked like a person 50 years my elder. But it didn’t stop me. What Alex preached made a lot of sense. My focus for the past year has been challenging myself at every workout and reaching for the next level. By the way “What is your Fitness Level?” “But how you define that ?“Alex did it and he measures your capacity in one minute. During this past year, the concept of diet was not a conscious or dictated part of the new regime. However, the focus and attention I gave to the exercise routine automatically altered my eating habits for the better. I found if I needed to reward myself for the workouts, I did, and made sure I treated myself to something sinful. Just a year later and 40 pounds less, I still have a love hate relationship with my fitness program. I look at every session as a challenge. It doesn’t get any easier, why? You constantly raise your bar to the next level up, your workouts will never get easier but your body will get better.. I finish each workout still dripping in sweat. So why do I continue to put myself through this torture? First of all, let’s not forget the “torture” lasts only three times of ten minutes a week. I think most of us can handle that kind of commitment. But the real reason I am committed is that Alex’s method works.

Fast forward to the next summer…if anyone had ever told me a year ago that I would become a runner doing sprints at 10 MPH and wearing four sizes smaller than last summer, I would have laughed and responded that you have the wrong person. In the dressing room of Banana Republic, a voice calls out, “How is everything? Sizes OK?”

Holding myself back from screaming and jumping up and down, I look in the mirror and casually respond with a big smile on my face, “Can you bring me a size six in shorts, the eight is too big!”

For more information, go to: or call 631 604-5858

79 Newtown Lane East Hampton New York 11937


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