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Not So Easy Weight Loss

Updated on March 8, 2010


How many times in my life have I googled the phrase “weight loss” hoping to find some magical formula that will have me losing 3 stone before I go out for drinks and pizza with the girls next Saturday?

The answer is, too many times and I’m not alone!

The thing is, we all know, deep down that the true answer to weight loss involves some kind of effort and will power on our part. So why is it that every time I read an intelligent article that states quite clearly what is needed to lose weight, you know, eat less, exercise more…. am I left feeling deflated?

Maybe it has something to do with the modern world in which we live? Everything else is so easy nowadays. Instead of mixing some flour and water in a bowl, reducing a few fresh tomatoes with onion, garlic and herbs in a pan, getting the rolling pin out and throwing a few other well chosen ingredients together to make a delicious home made pizza, we pick up the phone and press the speed dial for the local take away.

We convince ourselves that it’s quicker and easier to pop along to the nearest plastic surgeon to have a few litres of fat sucked out of us on our lunch break than make the effort to get sweaty down the gym. Maybe it’s cheaper too, it would take months of gym membership to shift that spare tyre, wouldn’t it?

Too many of the searches on google will inevitably bring up the quick fix solution, generally in tablet form. I’ve once or twice succumbed to these regimes. Well, they’re not really regimes, just pop a pill and hey presto, skinny jeans here we come.

Trouble is, they never work and I suppose all along, I knew they wouldn’t. When the magic beans do arrive, quite often they’re accompanied with instructions on what to eat and a brief outline of an exercise programme. What a blinking cheek!! The whole point of ordering the tablets was so I didn’t have to watch what I eat or exercise… grrrrrrr.

Thing is, when you do actually bite the bullet and get down to eating sensibly and doing some form of exercise, it’s amazing. The benefits are immense. Forget the fact that you are losing weight and getting into clothes you never thought would see the light of day again, you feel wonderful.

For some bizarre reason, healthy eating and exercise are the two things we as humans will spend masses of time and energy avoiding. Making excuse after excuse for not doing either. Too busy, too stressed, can’t afford the gym membership or organic micro biotic menu, my joints hurt, I can’t live without chocolate, my life would literally come to an end if I don’t have my weekly take away meal washed down with a gallon of booze, I need my down time on the sofa with chips after the day I’ve had…. etc, etc.

All of the reasons we give for not having a healthy lifestyle are, generally the reason why we should do something about it. The great thing is too, it isn’t actually that much of an effort or, thankfully, rocket science.

One of the best ways to approach it, I find, is to completely ignore the fact that anything good you’re doing is for weight loss. Change your mindset and just look at it differently. If you put yourself under too much pressure to have lost a minimum of two pounds each week, the first time you don’t, you’ll feel like a failure and probably reach for your hip expanding snack of choice. We do have a lot of pressures and stresses nowadays and forcing another on ourselves is just plain daft.

Acknowledge the fact that you are embarking on a healthier lifestyle and strive to do the best you can and just take it from there. It doesn’t seem too difficult then, does it? Everything you do good from now on is an achievement. Talk a leisurely stroll to the shop instead of impulsively jumping in the car….. how great do you feel when you get back? The better it makes you feel, the more inclined you are to do it. Substitute your Saturday night two bottles of wine in front of the box with just one bottle mixed with soda. Come Sunday morning you’ll feel much less hungover and maybe treat yourself to a nice walk in the park.

Without being constantly focused on negatives and beating yourself up every time you slip it leaves you free to celebrate and congratulate yourself on any slight achievement. Before long, the feeling of euphoria gotten from these achievements will encourage you to do more and soon, without the stress of weighing yourself every hour, you’ll be noticing the little changes in your clothes and feeling great.

Granted, you still need to have some will power and embarking on a weight loss programme of any description is at times going to be challenging. As long as you stay conscious of your choices and remember to continually celebrate achievements, it soon becomes easier to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s to feeling great about all that you do and all that you are.


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