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Not giving up

Updated on March 17, 2012

This is life..

Life is not fair – the most important lesson all human beings can imbibe as we traverse this journey called life. We will all have our share of ups and downs. How does one keep going? How do we keep our spirits high and get by the tougher times? Here are some thoughts ...

Such is life...
Such is life... | Source

Things we can choose to do..

Keep yourself busy – don’t sit around and brood. Have a good cry and then get up and tell yourself, I am not going to sit around and cry. Keep your mind diverted by doing anything that makes you forget the problem or worry at hand. Like scrub the kitchen, vacuum the house! Get constructive and get going.

Pray – for those who believe in a higher being, keep the faith and reach out to him. Ask for strength to face the future, express your belief that everything happens for a reason and for the best.

Pursue a hobby – try and do things you enjoy, be it reading, writing, playing online games, stitching, art and crafts, anything that eases you, keeps you calm and helps time fly by. Tap your creative head. It will help you think better, find solutions, feel talented!

Surround yourself with friends who encourage and pep you up- stay away from those who are constantly cribbing and berating themselves, those who are always saying “life sucks” or “l am depressed”. Don’t try to be the agony aunt to everyone around. Let people deal with their own problems, we all have enough of our own. Choose to be in the company of people who think positive, who don’t moan or sit around and curse their fate. Those who will encourage you; drag you out for that movie or shopping trip, those who you can trust and know will not take advantage of you when you’re down and out. People undermine the importance of the company we keep; the kinds of people we interact with each day play an important part in how we feel about our life and ourselves everyday!

Happy Friends
Happy Friends | Source
Eat healthy
Eat healthy | Source

Keep at it...

Take up a sport or exercise- Nothing is better than getting some good exercise that stretches and pulls those muscles, makes you sweat and leaves you tired. Many of us find it a great way to get clarity in our thoughts, to focus better, to find answers. One of my friends said she gets the best ideas and motivation when she urges herself to keep going on the treadmill. Go for a walk, look at the sky, feel the wind on your face, let it blow through your hair while you have some! Find that outdoor activity that works for you in a similar manner.

Eat healthy – Avoid those tubs of ice cream, chocolate bars and other fatty snacks when you’re down and out. Later they will only make you feel worse off. Gorge on fruits, juices, yogurt and tell yourself this is good, good for my body and mind. I am only helping myself help me!

Watch light hearted & funny movies or TV shows – Divert your mind with laughing your heart out on the jokes cracked on TV or a comedy. Forget about your troubles for some time and just watch some brainless humour. Lighten up and free your mind for at least thirty minutes from the troubles that are bothering you.

Put things in perspective – understand that it could have been worse, things can only go up once they have reached rock bottom, people everyday around the world are struggling with problems of their own, think of the less privileged who have graver problems –where to find the next meal or a place to sleep at night.

You have to make the effort to surround yourself with excellence, to promote positivity, urge yourself to not give up and find answers, options, and ways and give it a try.

Always remember -there is a good time coming, even if it takes a good time coming!

Everybody deals with tough times in their own ways, Suggestions or Comments?

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