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Nothing Good Comes Out Of Abusing Alcohol

Updated on August 17, 2013

For all of us that have drank and abused alcohol for so many years we must know that "nothing good comes out of abusing alcohol."

When you are so wrapped up with our addiction to alcohol, and that feeling alcohol gives us, we tend to forget that sobriety is where it's at, and not drinking our lives away.

Many of us alcoholics just don't get it, and I was one of those alcoholics four years ago.

Not anymore, I have seen the light of sobriety!

My Curiosity Led To Addiction


How It All Starts - Just Curiosity

As for me, and I am only talking about me and no one else. I started drinking as a experiment many years ago, in fact it was about 13 or 14 years of age. I wrote a hub on this, but to just refresh your memories, all the guys would head out to ball field after stealing our parents few beers.

Each one of us took one beer out of our parents refrigerator, so that they would not notice, and headed to the ball field for some fun times with alcohol. As I said, this was curiosity of how alcohol would make us feel.

Some of us loved the taste of alcohol, and then some did not care for beer at all. The ones that loved the taste of alcohol way back then have pretty much drank their entire life, and that of course includes me.

If you have abused alcohol has anything good happened in your life?

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What Good Came Out Of Drinking And Abusing Alcohol

I can't think of one thing that is good with abusing alcohol. Sure having that social drink or having a nice cold beer after a hard days work to unwind is perfectly fine, but those that can't stop at that one or two drinks have a problem, and I was one of those problem drinkers.

I so wish I could just have one or two drinks and call it the day, but in my case that was never possible, and a matter of fact, as time passed it took more and more alcohol to get to that point of feeling the buzz I longed for.

My alcohol tolerance was getting more and more as the weeks and months went by. When a six pack was not enough, it was then a 12 pack, 18 pack and then a case to be bought almost everyday. That makes me sick to even think that I drank that much beer, and to tell you the truth, I didn't even feel drunk, just buzzed. Although my family and wife said, "Mark is drunk again." I thought they were nuts. I walked and talked fine, and could drive my car with no problem, so I thought!

I thought I was just fine, so I thought. It is amazing that way back when I was 13 and 14 years old, one half of a beer drank through a straw was enough for me to be happy. Now it was taking six pack after six pack to reach my high.

Drinking Too Much - Don't Let This Be You


You May Think Drinking and Abusing Alcohol Is All Fun And Games

You may think that drinking and abusing alcohol is all fun and games, but the fact of the matter is, you and I are slowly killing ourselves.

  • Nothing ever will come good when we abuse alcohol and our bodies.
  • I can only think of one thing good, and that was the high I got from drinking.
  • When we get to that high, we think we are on top of the world until the booze starts to wear off, or we get deathly sick from over drinking.
  • Not to mention those huge hangovers every morning, but all will be well once we put that first drink of the day to our lips. (FIXED) to the next hangover!
  • Never ending cycle, day after day.
  • Abusing alcohol and getting to the point of needed it every single day of your life is and will be in the future, our death wish.
  • Sooner or later abusing alcohol will indeed catch up with all of us whether you like it or not.
  • Alcohol and the demons that live within us will win, and will kill us one day, so why not stop drinking alcohol and start living a life of sobriety. I nipped it in the bud four years ago before it was too late for me. You can do the same thing as I did if you truly want to live a long and healthy life and live that one and only life you have SOBER!

Alcohol Tolerance

Over the years all of us build up a tolerance to alcohol and it takes more and more alcohol to reach that state of a buzz, or just getting outright drunk.

If you drank 18 beers in one night, just imagine drinking 18 sodas in one night. Do you think you can drink that many sodas one after another? I bet not! I know for a fact, when I was asked that same question, I said, "heck no I would never be able to drink that many sodas one after another in one night, it would make me sick." Then the next question was, "then how can you drink 18 plus beers in one night?"

The only difference is that beer give you that buzz and gets you drunk, not like soda that will only blow you up with carbonation to you point you think your stomach is going to explode.

So, if you want to have a social drink or two that is fine, but just don't abuse alcohol or you will be sorry, as so many of US alcoholics are that just couldn't control our alcohol intake.

Don't let yourself get like us alcoholics. If you do drink, then at least drink responsible and of course, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!

You Don't Want To Miss Out On Life Such As This

© 2013 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Matt- Just wanted to thank you for your kind words to me and for reading this hub. All the best to you and thanks again. I hope I am helping many people around the world.


    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Goodpal- Thanks so much for reading and your comment. you are right on many things in your comment my friend. There are so many other addiction for sure. Self discipline is truly the key and willpower to say no is one other. Nevertheless all addictions will be around till the end of time unfortunately.


    • matt_elmore profile image

      matt_elmore 4 years ago from San Diego

      Thanks for the information here. Addiction can be such a crutch in ones life. Simply spreading knowledge, like you're doing in this hub, and showing others that there are other ways to live is a blessing you putting out into the world.

    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 4 years ago

      The story of all addictions is the same: it is volunteer slavery of the pleasures coming from some sensual/emotional titillation. It is easy to talk of alcohol or drug addiction, but perhaps more prevalent are food and sex addictions. Probably the most widespread and least recognized in the "Ego" addiction which takes numerous subtle or gross forms for dominating others, and messing up relations.

      The remedy for addictions is same: learning to take control of emotions and thought processes. But that needs self discipline which is taught in to school. So, ultimately people count on self help and will power. Some succeed sooner, some later, and some continue to battle till they have nothing to lose!

      Thanks, for reminding that alcoholism is still a problem.