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Nothing Quite Like The Feel Of Something New

Updated on November 18, 2008

Isn't it such a good feeling?

Anything new always feels so good. New gives you a new appreciation for everything. New gives even those who feel that things have gotten stale, a breath of fresh air. A new perspective gives many a new way of seeing things. New gives hope and restores hope even to the cynical. New is such a great feeling...remember when you were new? So full of life and hope; taking so much as truth and putting faith in everything you were told. Eager to listen, watch, and learn. Maybe not so filled with experience, but strong and full of a lot of hope.

Powerful insightful desires for making it through each day, with help from others. Remember what it was like the first time you had to walk up to someone and ask them to guide you? To be a mentor, to help you learn to walk up the steps? To help give you the support to lift up your head proudly again? Remember the first time you figured out you were not alone any more? I remember when a stranger took me to my very first meeting. I kept thanking him; he shared that with the group, because he said that he should have been thanking me. Because I gave him that feeling again of what it was like for him when he first started coming to the rooms.

What is it about something new that brings out the best in someone? What is it about the gratitude others feel when reaching out to help the new commer in this fellowship? Why are so many old timers still going to the "keep it green meetings" or the early in sobriety meetings? Why?....because there is nothing quite like the feel of something new.

Where One or More Gather...

Feels So Good


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