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Nothing inside

Updated on October 16, 2015

Hanging on to the tower with one hand, losing my grip. Damn it slipped.

Falling body fills with adrenaline, no fear, just a thought of how did I get here.

Where did things go wrong, but too late to get the answers now. How will it feel to

Hit the ground? no one to save you and no one to talk you out of it.

Life changes in the blink of an eye. Who will miss you, a person who took his own life?

Why does it matter if it’s mine, but at the same time did I have a impact on people’s lives?

Never will know now. No this ain’t a suicide letter, But a shut down from a person who can’t break down. The momentum picks up falling deep, close your eyes and pretend to be sleep. No more feelings, no more pain, just an empty vessel that remains.

Never let them see what’s inside, and for that calls for this suicide. You done it before, nothing new you’re still here for those who need you too. But how have you helped? Don’t know, But your phone keeps ringing. Something you did must of helped, maybe they needed an ear that wouldn’t judge and that was you. But when you need someone who can you turn too? Well you always turned to yourself in the past and that worked out. You kept going, tortured yourself for many years just to make you a strong person. Guess what it worked, you couldn’t break down even when you tried. So what things aren’t going your way they never did, so what changed now? Nothing and nothing’s going to change. You wasn’t afraid then and you’re not afraid now but you’re losing a fight you didn’t ask for, Life. Trust me you’re not the only one that feels this way, there’s others.

You are your own psychiatrist fix this and move on, unless you’re losing your touch.

Damn ego keeps talking trash, trying to challenge your every move. You hate yourself and love the pain, over and over again. One day you’re going to learn the hard way.

Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I have nothing to live for, no reason to keep pushing. I do this cause I choose to, if I don’t who will. If I one day become a success maybe then I’ll try to help people but right now I don’t care. Live your own life and leave me alone, it was so easy when I didn’t have no one around just locked in my room full of darkness staring at the ceiling slipping slowly into insanity. Now that I’m there it’s not so bad, bad things just aren’t that bad. And being more powerful was my obsession so back to the torture I went. Foolish the time trying to live everyone else dream was spent. It’s not for you, alone is more like it. You keep trying but life shows you, your wrong. Get the message already, and stop trying to be something you’re not.


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