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NovaSure Surgery-Endometrial Alabation

Updated on August 16, 2012


There are steps that may be required to take before ablation surgery, especially if you want insurance to "pick up the tab." Of course, if you want to self-pay the surgery yourself that you decide when the right time is with your doctor.

Some common reasons for wanting/needing the surgery are; period irregularity, heavy bleeding, excessive PMS, to stop menstruating after you are finished having children, and many other reasons determined by the patient and doctor.

Deciding to have the surgery after you last pregnancy can take up to 6 weeks of healing time first, before the uterus is back to its normal size and thus will make the surgery more successful.

Whatever the reason for the surgery, you and your doctor will come up and follow through with a plan that is right for you


The doctor can choose two different options for the surgery; in office, or at the hospital. The procedure is done rather quickly and the recovery time is minimal so it is not uncommon for a doctor to offer this surgery at their office, if there is an outpatient surgery center on site.

A general or local anesthetic will be used for the procedure and is decided between the doctor and patient.

The entire procedure, once prepped, takes about 90 seconds to 5 minutes. It is a very short procedure.

During surgery, there is a sheath that is inserted through the cervix and into the uterus. This sheath is like a balloon and once inside the uterus the doctor will pull it back and this will cause the sheath to expand. The hope is that it expands to the woman’s uterus to its entirety. The procedures sheath is made to fit most “normal” size uteruses and a woman with an abnormal uterus may not have optimal results.

Once the sheath is in place, the device is activated. The device turns off as soon as the treatment is complete. This take can as little as a minute and a half, however every procedure will be unique.

The sheath will then retract and it is removed rather easily and the procedure is complete.


Recovery time is definitely dependent on each individual however for most; it does not take much time at all.

If a local anesthetic is used then it can be as little as one hour. If general anesthesia is used it may take a little longer.

This procedure has been known to have minimal pain and cramping. Most pain can be relieved with over the counter pain meds however; some may need prescribed medication for a few days.

Most women are back to their normal schedules within 24-48 hours after the surgery with minimal complaints of discomfort.


Endometrial ablation is an option for some woman, but not all women. Every woman will experience different short-term and long-term results.

Some women have experienced a total void in menstruation while others have noticed a reduction in menstrual bleeding. There are also women who have experienced less PMS while others claim to experience the same amount of PMS as prior to the surgery.

There is no guarantee that the procedure will work for sort or long-term, and again, is determined on the patient’s body. There have been women who have never experienced menstrual bleeding again and others who acquired menstrual bleeding post surgery. There are no guarantees, however there are many women who have loved this surgery and swear by it (me being one of them).

Unfortunately, there are always the few that receive no results at all from the surgery. In those cases, the patient can decide if they would like to have it done a second time. There have been women, where the second time was successful. As always there are other women who have not seen success after multiple procedures.

If this is a consideration, the key is to, do research, talk with a doctor, and see if this procedure is right before you commit.

Disclosure: This information and research is done, by me, prior to my NovaSure surgery. I am not affiliated with NovaSure and am not being paid for this post. The post is for information uses only and should not be used as medical advice. Consult your doctor for me questions.


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